Sarah Cooper’s parodies

I came across this about a week or two ago, these videos have gone viral, and I think it’s my favourite parody of that guy in the white house ever.

This next one is a pretty accurate portrayal of someone talking out of his ass during a staff meeting. I’ve been in meetings like this before…

I am totally fascinated, I can’t stop watching and grinning at these videos. In a way these are tragic too as it beggars belief that these are the actual words of a world leader. It’s not just the words she mimics, it’s the added body language, the gestures, the looks. She’s so good.

Here an article about her in the LA Times, in case you’re interested, and she has a satirical blog too. I’m actually considering getting her 2021 calendar called Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings, seeing as I am in meetings pretty much daily and these tricks could really come in handy.

I’ve been thinking in terms of crushes for the last fortnight or so due to the fictional crush challenge I just finished and I think Sarah Cooper has just become my latest crush. I am so glad she’s not fictional.

13 thoughts on “Sarah Cooper’s parodies

      1. It’s something I cannot understand – how he gets away with it. Or what it will take for people to finally understand what he is doing to the US (and the rest of the world). My hopes are for Trump’s decisive defeat in November (although I am not sure of that at all. Biden is just another old white man…)

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  1. Esther she is brilliant but you know she’s talking about people who think like Trump who are hypocrites ( no examples needed 😉)
    Who have to be right all the time
    Who say one thing yet act another way
    Crush on lovely!!


      1. Yeah and that’s it isn’t it!!
        Bless you Esther it’s been a long work week for me and this post is a breath of fresh air!
        I’m not on Twitter so thank you for these gens
        I’m gonna send them to my friend who’s not on Twitter either and loathes Trump!!

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  2. Servetus

    I saw the Bible one; didn’t realize they were more. I think they’re funny but they are also kind of disturbing. I’ve been reading all this stuff about deep fakes lately and how they will probably influence the upcoming election.


    1. That is a good point. This manipulation is a parody but the technique could be used to real harm as well.
      So, yes, I’d have to agree that it is a bit disturbing on that level. However, in this case I really do love how these highlight how absurd DT’s public speaking is.

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      1. Esther to me she is parodying what narcissistic obnoxious people say and act like and the response by those around them
        Disturbing? Well what is happening in the US is beyond disturbing so I think she’s spot on!

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