Small wonders in May

This month the Mach’ was challenge is to do something with the month of May and I’ve had no inspiration whatsoever. I’ve been doing a fictional crush blog challenge and participated in the RA Blog Reunion and I’ve been working and I’ve been getting depressed over news in the US (police racism which led to an awful death and all that has come from that and an unhelpful dumb US president ‘dealing’ with it) and the UK (where “some animals are more equal than others” seems to be the norm during the corona crisis). So, my mind just hasn’t been occupied with this month of May challenge. Then I remembered that last week, during our end of the day walk after finishing work at home, I took a picture of a ladybird beetle. I do associate ladybirds with spring/summer and May is usually when we start seeing them. I figured this challenge is as good a time as any to show off the picture. I was experimenting with a setting called live-focus on my phone camera and I think my May ladybird photo turned out quite well.

That picture reminds me of the cake that is shaped like a strawberry, and looks a bit like a ladybird as well, that my brother got me when he came to drop some things off the other day.

He said, “We never got to celebrate your 50th properly with the family, so the least I could do was bring you a belated cake for your birthday.” It was very pretty and quite delicious!

Later that evening my daughter and I drove my brother home, but as it was a beautiful day and the sun was setting so gorgeously, I suggested we drive to the beach first. We caught the last bit of sunset just before the sun vanished from the horizon. That’s me in the first picture, my daughter in the large picture and my brother in the third picture. It was around 10 pm and I just love those late sunsets we get here in May (and June and July).

So, there you have it, a few pictures as my lazy submission to the Mach’ was challenge: a ladybird in May, a strawberry-shaped cake that looks like a ladybird and a May sunset. It helps to remind me that the world not only holds bad news but also small wonders.

14 thoughts on “Small wonders in May

  1. Esther ladybirds are my fav insect! I think they are a sign of good luck!! Well they must be as your cake looks absolutely like a ladybird bug
    The sunset is majestic and soothing to the soul!!
    Quite a lot to contribute for May!!👏👏❤️❤️🤗


    1. Yes, I love them too!
      The beach is about 40 minutes by car away from where I live and as it’s so quiet out due to corona that it’s easy to park the car and make a last minute decision to see the sunset there. I’ve gotta say, I do really enjoy the quiet outside when I venture a little further from home. Things may change tomorrow on the beaches when restaurants and cafes are allowed to reopen (with measures in place).


      1. The sunset viewing must be heavenly!
        I was at the post office yesterday first time in 6 weeks and everyone has masks on and there was taped lines where to stand via social distancing
        It was so organized and calm I felt relieved!!

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  3. lovely photos, bit of an antidote to what’s going on in the world atm. You do end up feeling so helpless reading everything that’s happening via social media. But i guess we have to try and muddle through, and do our best in all senses

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  4. Mezz

    Lovely photos! Even at the height of summer here in Australia with daylight saving, we don’t get the long, late twilights, something I loved about our UK/Europe holidays.

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