Fictional crush challenge – day 6

10 days, 10 fictional crushes
Post an image of a fictional character who has been or still is your crush. No names or explanations needed. TV, movie, book, comic, cartoon characters are valid.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) from Star Trek – The Next Generation. I thought I didn’t like science fiction but then I met Mr Esther and he loved watching Star Trek so I gave in and watched with him. Yes, he’s responsible for getting me hooked on Captain Picard. The captain was badass, yet fair and noble, and his baldness was inexplicably sexy, as was Patrick Stewart’s voice – oh, how I still love that! Every time the intro came on I asked Mr Esther to stay quiet and turn up the volume so that I could savour Picard’s delectable voice saying: “Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before!

Yes, I admit to having watched the above clip at least a dozen times before this post went live, with the sound turned way up on my headphones and my eyes closed when the captain speaks, so that I could savour Captain Picard speaking in my ear over and over again. I don’t do audiobooks, not even Richard Armitage ones, but for Captain Picard I might be able to make an exception. Maybe it’s the combo of the voice and that awesome music but to this day my insides crumble when I listen to Jean-Luc in that intro.

We have yet to watch the new Picard series that has been made…

… and we will do so pretty soon, I think and hope.

16 thoughts on “Fictional crush challenge – day 6

    1. The voice, the man, the character… they’re just everything. I have seen other Star Trek series (used to like Voyager as well with Captain Kathryn Janeway) but no other captain or Star Trek character can live up to Captain Picard in my eyes. 🙂

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  1. Servetus

    Captain Kirk was an early fictional crush of mine — but I really like Avery Brooks as Captain Sisko on DS9. To me, Roddenberry & co. went too far with the impulse to make the Enterprise captain a more rational person (after criticisms that Kirk had been too impulsive). I enjoy watching TNG and I don’t hate Picard but he could never be a crush.

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    1. My brothers used to watch the original Star Trek with Captain Kirk but I never really enjoyed that, hence my prejudice against The Next Generation, I think. It was Star Trek and therefore I would not much like it, I figured. I was wrong. 🙂
      Kirk never did anything for me and later I too read about those criticisms about Picard. However, I never had that history of loving the old Star Trek and Capt. Kirk, so for me I never had a problem with all that. I for one loved that Picard was rational, with a great sense of justice and morality; someone in a leadership position who actually thinks about stuff seemed very welcome to me and what I wanted to see more of in the real world.
      I only saw a bit of Deep Space Nine, never really took to that either. I had to look up Captain Sisko, that’s another sexy looking bald guy! I remember him, but not well. With all the Star Treks out there I find myself only really pulling towards TNG and that really is all Picard’s doing.


      1. Servetus

        I basically like TNG, but I guess the older I get the more problems I have with it. I never liked the first few seasons or most of the Q episodes. I really didn’t like Riker (where the scriptwriters pushed the Kirk energy / impulsiveness). There was also a rule in scriptwriting that no one in the main leadership group could have any kind of conflict with each other, and it creates this very weird atmosphere, one that has bothered me more as i have realized how much conflict there really is in a normal workplace. I just ended up feeling meh about Picard, although two of my favorite episodes feature him: Darmok and The Inner Light.

        Avery Brooks also played Hawk to Robert Urich’s Spenser in the 80s — that was where I ran across him.

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        1. I don’t think I’ve seen much of Spenser either.
          I haven’t seen TNG in many years, so don’t know how I’d feel about it now, but yeah, I can’t imagine not liking Capt. Picard. 🙂

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