Fictional crush challenge – day 5

10 days, 10 fictional crushes
Post an image of a fictional character who has been or still is your crush. No names or explanations needed. TV, movie, book, comic, cartoon characters are valid.

As I get to day five of this challenge, I realize I am way too chatty to post these crushes without explanations. This one gets an explanation too.

This is Dr. David Ratcliffe (Brett Climo) from the Australian TV series The Flying Doctors which ran from 1986 to 1992. David arrived at the beginning of season 5 and I didn’t want to like him when he first came on. He seemed generic and I felt was only brought in as a cute face for the women to fawn over but he really grew on me and became one of my fave characters. I was therefore also duly traumatized when he was killed at the beginning of season 8. I had not seen that one coming at all. I have all the episodes and re-watched that one recently for the first time in years – it still brought tears to my eyes! The show was really starting to flounder at that time, so I guess he did leave at the right time.

David was also the first character that inspired me to write fan fiction. Nothing typed, it was all handwritten in a notebook. I didn’t know it was called fan fiction at the time, I just wanted David to find someone to love. He was unlucky in love on the show and I wanted to correct that. So, I wrote a story about a young writer fleeing a scandal (I can’t quite remember what scandal) at home in England and flying across the world to Australia. She tours the Outback and becomes ill (or maybe has an accident? I can’t recall that either). David is her doctor and as she recovers she comes to love the town of Coopers Crossing where the Flying Doctors are situated. She tries to deny her feelings for David but decides to stay anyway, finding a job (I want to say in the town library that I think I invented), all the while hiding her past from the townspeople. Of course along the way she also becomes great friends with Kate and Geoff, a couple on the show that I ‘shipped’ really hard (also an unknown and I think even still uninvented term at the time). I don’t think I ever finished the story but in my memory it was awfully good. I must still have it somewhere…

10 thoughts on “Fictional crush challenge – day 5

  1. Esther you should try to write some more if it now!! David is a cutie!!
    That show never made it to my neck of the woods or that I remember but I was in high school and college then
    I didn’t know what shipping was until 2 years ago still don’t quite buy it 😉
    Lovely pics here too ❤️❤️


    1. I think I will try and find it again, maybe this weekend. There’s a feature in Word where you can read something out loud and it will transcribe it there for you. I may do that as my weekend project, just so I can at least have a digital copy of whatever I wrote then. And so that I can cringe. 😉
      The Flying Doctors was a hit in Australia and became a bit of a phenomenon in The Netherlands – it was really popular here. I think it was also popular in Germany but by then I wasn’t living in Germany anymore. I don’t think it ever made it to the US.

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  2. Hard SAME! He wasn’t very nice to start off with, agreed, but by the end he was my crush too and then he DIED?! It was horrible! In fairness, it wasn’t the first time a character died on the show, so it shouldn’t have been as shocking as it felt at the time. (But that was back in s1 or s2 or something, which I’ve only seen years after the rest of the show.) Glad to hear there are more people out there who not only remember the show, but remember the characters so fondly!

    Also, funnily enough, same on writing fanfic. I was maybe 13-14 at the time and translated it into English and looking back it’s … it’s a really bad mess and the English isn’t great, but I put it on Wattpad anyway. Like the “Golden Age” of The Flying Doctors, when DJ was the radio operator and Sam the pilot. I loved that show so much.

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    1. Oh my goodness, I never expected to find a fellow David admirer! Nice!!!
      Yeah, I hated when DJ and Sam left and then later Chris left too and the show was never the same again. I was still holding on because of David, Kate and Geoff and then they killed David! I never took to the last additions (Guy, Jackie, Rowie) but kept watching out of loyalty and hoping it would become good again.
      Gotta say, I am interested in your Flying Doctors fan fic. Got a link you wouldn’t mind sharing?

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      1. I agree! The show wasn’t the same, and it wasn’t very good by the end. I was overjoyed when I found it on DVD, and have been re-watching from s1 and blogging about it (, but it seems it was a very long time ago I last did anything with it! Should get back to it, really. I sort of stopped because I got confused about what I’ve called “s0”, the miniseries that started it. The DVD I have has edited all the episodes together, so I’m not sure where one starts and the next finishes and it’s hard to break it down into different posts then. Maybe I should just kind of abandon s0 for now and get back to finishing s1 instead!

        The episode I wrote was called “Just in Time” and can be found here: … but last time I looked I thought “yikes, this is atrocious”, haha!

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