Anne with an E wins five CSAs!

Anne with an E won 5 Canadian Screen Awards last night! I’m especially pleased with Dalmar Abuzeid winning because he just gives such a stand out performance as Bash…

His journey has been heartbreaking in season 3 and happily by the end of the season he seems more at peace. Dalmar deserves every award he gets for his portrayal of Bash! I have a very hard time picking my favourite Anne with an E character but from the moment he graced the screen at the beginning of season 2, Bash has been one of those favourites.

On a side note: an award should have been given to baby Delphine for being the cutest baby on a TV show ever…

I’m also very pleased with the cinematography win, because the cinematography is truly beautiful on the show.

Here are some examples (worth clicking on the images to enlarge):

Best costumes also won…

… which is also wholly deserved because the costumes are beautiful! There is a little video about that on the CBC website but I can’t embed it here so click on this link if you’d like to see a little two minute video about the costumes and the details that went into making them.

There was an award for best original music (also beautiful!)…

… and for best production design, also awesome because everything has been built and made with so much scope for the imagination (to quote Anne herself)!

There’s a 2 and a half minute video about that as well here. In fact, there are many more behind the scenes videos for season 3 that show all that went into making the series. Watch them all here if you like.

Of course Anne should have won many more awards (there were 17(!!) nominations) but I take what I can get here and even being nominated is very cool. 17 nominations and 5 wins is quite something and also a testament to the quality of Anne with an E. So, my congratulations go out to everyone involved with making such a great show!

We are now 6 months into the cancellation and I still can’t grasp why. A season 4 is sorely needed! So, please, please, renew Anne with an E someone…. anyone…

3 thoughts on “Anne with an E wins five CSAs!

    1. Yes, I am happy. 🙂
      Online campaign is still happening but no word from anyone about renewal. Millions of #renewannewithane tweets, over 500.000 signatures collected calling for renewal but the producers, channels, etc. stay quiet. I don’t know if this renewal will ever happen…

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