Fictional crush challenge – day 2

10 days, 10 fictional crushes
Post an image of a fictional character who has been or still is your crush. No names or explanations needed. TV, movie, book, comic, cartoon characters are valid.

When I was 9 years old I had two abridged, youth version books of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre which I loved. The one had details in the story the other didn’t have so I used to read them both and I read them often. One of the abridged books had drawn illustrations and the other had pictures of the 1973 BBC TV mini series in it. I developed a crush on Mr. Rochester and studied those photos extensively, picturing the character of Rochester with this face. It would be at least another 25 years before I would finally actually see the 1973 adaptation.

I have seen many more Rochesters besides Michael Jayston since I first read the abridged book and later the original version.

Orson Welles, George C. Scott, Timothy Dalton, William Hurt, Ciaran Hinds, Toby Stephens, Michael Fassbender, Felix Hayes, Tim Delap. And hmmmm, as I type this the day before it gets posted and look over at the couch to Mr. Esther (who is sporting his ‘corona beard’) he gives me Mr Rochester vibes as well, i.e. the bearded version as portrayed by Hayes and Delap for the National Theatre.

Anyway, each of these Rochesters brought to life by actors had their pros and cons and I don’t have the patience to go into all of that now, it would take too long. Suffice it to say that my fascination with Mr. Rochester, warts and all, remains intact to this day.

15 thoughts on “Fictional crush challenge – day 2

    1. True dat! I was writing the first few crush posts in advance yesterday evening, they are waiting to be published one a day, and I think I was beaming through all of them. 🙂

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  1. Oh Rochester, he is one of the greats, isn’t he? My favourite performance (so far) was by Tiimothy Dalton (Zelah Clarke was perfect too as Jayne Eyre). I thought Ciaran Hinds would be more thrilling than he was and I was disappointed too by Michael Fassbender- and pleasantly surprised by Toby Stephens. There is another actor I would love to see playing the brooding glowering bad-tempered Rochester. Can you guess?
    (How wonderful that you have your own Rochester, Esther, I hope he behaves himself!)

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    1. Yes, I think Timothy Dalton was best one too! Ciaran Hinds totally rocks my boat as Captain Wentworth but I really did not like his Rochester. Toby Stephens was too soft and cute to be a good Rochester. I really liked the adaptation and I did like Stephens but he wasn’t Rochester enough for me. Fassbender I did quite like, I liked that whole adaptation but the ending (too rushed) spoiled that for me.
      The National Theatre ones – I really liked Tim Delap who I saw on stage in Leeds. I think he’s my second fave after Dalton!
      As for my own Rochester – I haven’t discovered an insane wife in the attic yet these past 28 years… so far so good! 😉

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