Grab six books

This morning before I started work I saw on Twitter that Dawn French had joined in on a Twitter hashtag called #grabsixbooks and that Jennifer Saunders had answered with her six books.

I only know a few of the books / authors the ladies mentioned but it was fun seeing their choices. I haven’t really looked at many other responses to that hashtag on Twitter yet, but thought it was fun anyway and this evening decided to pick some books as well. This is just a first gut-reaction, if I had to grab six books right at this moment it would be these…


I’m sure after I post I’ll suddenly think of others. I haven’t read the Audrey Hepburn book yet (been meaning to for a long time) but it does symbolize my love for actors and for her, so she’s in.

Yesterday my brother showed me a picture he had found of me at 17 years of age, looking up from reading a magazine, and I thought it fit well with this post…


He said to me with amusement, “This is still so like you today!”, which basically translates to a person who likes to sit on the couch and read. The medium is more often a laptop now than a magazine or book but he’s got a point. Showed the picture to Mr Esther and he laughingly agreed.

Speaking of laughing and reading, just spent some time reading and laughing about Guylty’s post comparing Richard Armitage to Dutch breakfast sprinkles. I could totally eat a sandwich with dark chocolate sprinkles while sitting on the couch and reading one of the #grabsixbooks books above.

2020-05-18 22_09_16-RA As Breakfast Sprinkles _ Guylty Pleasure

Picture source: screenshot taken from Guylty’s post

I’m not a huge Lucas fan, but it is Lucas sprinkles all the way for me!

Anyway, back to the topic: if you’re so inclined, I’d love to know in the comments or in a post of your own what your #grabsixbooks would be.

27 thoughts on “Grab six books

  1. […] by Esther. These are the six books closest to me, as I’m grading. Eight of the ten books I taught […]

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  2. I had seen Dawn French’s choice and Jennifer Saunders’ first reaction (without the pile) earlier today and felt attracted too. Btw I love the Esther-at-seventeen photo! 😘
    Now what are my spontaneous #grabsixbooks? Here is my choice:
    The upper is a biography about the lufe of Dorothea Schlegel, daughter of Moses Mendelssohn and later wife of Friedrich Schlegel, the philosopher. Carola Stern, the author, has a very interesting biography herself (spylicious, as Lucas’ fans might call it) and she w wrote several highly acclaimed biographies, for example about the Brecht-Weigel relation sship. I might have to explain this for the non-German readers. πŸ˜‰ Robert Seethaler, a contemporary Austrian, is a very good read. I could just as well choose “Der Trafikant” or “Ein ganzes Leben”.
    But as you said for yourself – it’s a very spontaneous choice. Could look different tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

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  3. “Het woeden der gehele wereld

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  4. Esther and Nell you two are way too smart
    I would put To Kill A Mockingbird on my book list then 4 Georgette Heyer books I currently bought; The Quiet Gentleman,The Nonesuch, Frederick and The Masqueraders and Pride and Prejudice to round out the six
    My book to read list is very very long

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  5. Not quite sure I understand the concept. Do you grab the nearest 6 books or books you like?


    • I take it as do anything you like, the first thing that enters your mind. I took it to be that if I had to run out of the house right at this moment, which 6 books would I grab to come with me. But you can also do 6 books on a certain topic (maybe there’s a Steampunk genre – I’d certainly like to hear about that as I know very little about Steampunk), or the 6 most recent books you read, or 6 books that really influenced you growing up or just 6 random books you come across or 6 audiobooks you like. No rules from me for this one, anything goes!

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    • I took it as a little of both what I like and I gat I have on hand right now πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

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