Tomorrow’s World

Matt Bellamy, lead singer of my fave band Muse, released a new song last week written during the Covid 19 lockdown. I knew it was coming but had missed that it was out already. Listened to it this morning and I wasn’t disappointed!

Tomorrow’s World is a ballad with piano and strings in the background. Matt wrote and performed it without the band, but it still has a distinct Muse sound to it. It’s a mesmerzing and eerie song and yet there’s a feeling of hope in it as well.

The title of the song is taken from a BBC tv show that used to air, talking about future developments and technology. What I love about Muse / Bellamy songs is that they are different, that melody and words fit and yet don’t quite fit as in this case with hopeful lyrics but a bit of an eerie sound. Play this song on repeat and I’m sure it can send you into a trance.

For anyone interested, there’s also a small interview with Matt about this song…

I love when people talk about their creative process like that and hearing about the feeling that went into this song.

It’s been a lazy morning here, with sleeping in, reading some things on my phone and getting sucked into the Muse rabbit hole. Now it’s time to jump into the shower, get dressed and move on to all the Saturday chores I have planned for today. Before I do that, though, I’ll need to listen to this song a few times more…

8 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s World

  1. I adore this song Esther, and have been listening to it continuously. It’s those unusual little discordant warning notes that make it special to me. Oh if only Muse would do a Bond theme, their music would be perfect (and with RA as Bond or the villain please).
    I absolutely loathed Tomorrow”s World as a child. It was science with all the fascination sucked out of it. My sister and I ‘had to’ sit through it, bursting with impatience, before the highlight of the week, Top of the Pops. It never occurred to us not to watch it!

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      1. Servetus

        I looked into it back then — at that time the BBC did not have a full archive. Fans of the show taped it (VHS) but at that point anyway there was no way to watch the episodes systematically. It would be looking for a needle in a haystack but I would love to see it, too.

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