An Armitage – Peck parallel

Andy Gotts posted new pictures of Richard Armitage from the photoshoot he did a while back. I really like these goofy shots and the lovely text that goes with it. Always good to hear that Richard has a no-nonsense attitude in these things.

That first shot of the four with a lifted Armitage eyebrow gave me instant Gregory Peck vibes. Gregory also used to lift his left eyebrow and I always loved that; he did it quite a lot. Not going on an endless image search but from my own archive I found Exhibit A from Roman Holiday…

Roman Holiday (57)

And you just know that Peck is lifting his eyebrow (the one that’s away from the viewer) here as well in exhibit B while he’s amused and studying Audrey Hepburn…

Roman Holiday (111)

Exhibit C shows Richard and Gregory side by side, both of them with an eyebrow raised…

In the next two pictures Richard’s eyes are just huge! Not used to seeing them like that and the second one just makes me laugh…

The last picture of the four looks fierce and brings another little reminder of Gregory here. Not quite murderous like Gregory in The Omen but you don’t want to meet this guy in a dark alley…

It’s not the first time Richard reminds me of Gregory and I’m sure it won’t be the last. These portraits are different, surprising and I really enjoy them. Thank you for sharing, @drgotts!

28 thoughts on “An Armitage – Peck parallel

  1. i think it’s nice having his usual look challenged tbh, i also wonder if he would have been so amiable to doing silly faces say 10 years ago?
    also wonder what he thinks of these pictures? i’m never quite sure if he’s vain or not!

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    1. Yes, I really like that he looks so different here.
      And yes, I do think he has some vanity, he admits it at the beginning of this video…

      But for the arts he may be able to put some vanity aside.


            1. With Martin who has nooo filter at all I think he was playing cheeky and Martin brought out his great sense of humor whereas Marlise was fawning over him (who would blame here sitting that close to him) and he was on guard but playful.


            2. He needs someone to bring out his silly side.
              As much as I didn’t like the Anglophile Channel lady she was able to bring that out in him and I loved it too. The first one she did in any case. She did another one a year or two later and was so flirty with Rich, overly present as if it was about her and never let him finish a thought that I cringed.
              Martin Freeman was able to loosen him up as well, I’m still trying to figure out what it is that makes him comfortable enough to let go a bit.

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  2. Esther I told Rachel tonight the top two are cute and sweet the jaw drop reminds me of his singing in the rain pic that Mina took two years ago just goofy and dorky
    I think all these really highlight how handsome he looks aging gracefully and not those wrinkle free mummy looking selfies where he wants to look like he’s 25 🥴🙄
    Dr Gotts has a quirky sense of humor which is refreshing

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      1. I think it makes him real! I’d even say those goofy selfies with Mina and Michelle Forbes I grew to like because he was natural there
        I certainly could not sit for a photographer on a day I was flying out! 🥴😉

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  3. Gregory Peck is definitely a “Sahneschnitte”, too. I don’t think that he otherwise looks similar to RA, but the agile eyebrow is a nice little similarity.
    I still want RA to be in a modern re-make of Roman Holiday.

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    1. No, he doesn’t really look like Gregory but sometimes , in very brief moments like these, he does remind me a bit of him.
      Remake of Roman Holiday – my mind sings ‘yes’ but my heart says ‘no, they will ruin it!’ That movie is holy to me. And yet… I would be curious to see what a good remake could be like.


        1. Yes, I wouldn’t be averse to it but it really needs to be good. They should use the story but not try to completely recreate Peck and Hepburn. They had a certain magic that can’t be touched anyway. A new version would need to create a magic of its own between the leads.


        1. I’d love to see those two together but I totally do not see Cate Blanchett in a Roman Holiday remake at all. Maybe Gugu Mbatha-Raw (I love her and would love to see her do something with Richard)? Or just someone completely new, very talented and unknown.

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