Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, especially to my own mother whom I love very dearly!


My mother is a remarkable woman with a big heart, raising children she gave birth to and children she didn’t give birth to (of Palestinian and Ethiopian backgrounds).

1980 family3

A mother hen very much at the center of our family, the glue that keeps us together and a shining example for me as a mother myself.

2010- IMG_2634I loved becoming a mother, whether becoming one through an unexpected c-section seven days after the due date…

… or through a scheduled and induced birth thirteen days after the due date…

Having (only) two children of my own makes me have an even greater respect for what my mother has done with eight children (and more who have also temporarily been in our family).  So, while on this Mother’s Day I am happy to be a mother myself, my thoughts mostly go out to my own mother who is awesome.


I am happy she is still around and healthy at 84.

7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

    1. No, it got chilly in the afternoon. Did get flowers and chocolate and cake from the kids, which was sweet.
      Also visited my mother and dropped Mr Esther off at his mum’s for a little social distance visiting this afternoon. Now back to complete quarantine again.

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  1. squirrel.0072

    Bonne fête des mères Esther! Have a nice day!
    (dimanche 7 juin 2020 en France)
    So very far from now, I shall be happy with decontainment to find special ideas and move…

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