She did it, it’s official!

My daughter has passed her final secondary school exams! Her last grade came in late yesterday afternoon and was very good, so today it was time to hang out the flag with her schoolbag attached, as is the custom in The Netherlands when you pass your school exams.


She already received her gift last week, as we knew then that she’d be passing. Mr Esther had ordered a Chromebook for her (she didn’t own a laptop yet, was always borrowing my husband’s Chromebook) and we couldn’t wait to actually give it to her. She was extremely pleased and totally deserved it. Today, with her latest grade in, it’s official and the flag is up.


As for her future: mini-me has been accepted into nursing school but after much discussion and weighing the pros and cons has instead decided she wants to move on to higher secondary education. What she really wants to be one day is a paramedic. One route to do that is going the vocational education route (four years of nursing school) and then moving on to training for ER nurse and then paramedic. However, that would mean she also has to do all kinds of nursing that she doesn’t necessarily want to do (lots of emphasis on care for the elderly and the handicapped in nursing school). If she goes for the higher secondary education route it will take her two years to get that diploma. She can then move on to an applied sciences university where she can go straight into paramedic training. So, that’s her choice now, with a little more time for her to just be a teen for a while (she’s only 16 after all) instead of getting serious straight away as a nurse. We’re awfully proud of our little big girl!

20 thoughts on “She did it, it’s official!

  1. Congratulations to your daughter. Fantastic achievement, especially with some extra difficulties thrown in the past couple of years. She has persevered and done it. The world is now hers.
    And what a fun and lovely custom, the hoisting of the school bag on the flag pole. I love flag poles (but of course in Germany we would *never* have had one such on a private residence) – and I am impressed that you have one. (Does every house have one, or the majority of houses?)
    Also – a great choice of career. Or rather: a vocation. I applaud every young person who decided to go into the medical sector. As the current crisis shows – we need them.
    Keep celebrating – and best wishes for her future!

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    1. Thank you, Guylty! Yes, she’s in such a good place now and she didn’t only pass, she passed really well too. She’s had this fixed wish for a paramedic career for many years now and I love her choice too. I truly believe she will be very good at it.

      No, not every house has a flag pole but many people affix them to their houses themselves. Mr Esther is a flag fan and so affixed ours when we moved here. Every year the flag goes out for King’s Day and for our Liberation Day (which was yesterday). Lots of flags are out then in the country and pretty much only then. This is an extra occasion for the flag to be out. πŸ™‚


      1. I’m impressed to hear that she had settled on that particular career for a few years now. So a very early decision. It’s great when young people know what they want.
        If I had a flag pole, I’d take any excuse to hoist the flag. I find it cheerful and nice – and it reminds me of the sea. (Too bad my SO is strictly opposed to any emblem of nationality, hence doesn’t like flags. Maybe he’d allow the Jolly Roger…)

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        1. She’s like my husband with that, he also always knew what he wanted. My son is more like me, constantly searching and indecisive.
          Flags – with us it is Mr Esther who likes them, I tend to be more ambivalent about them.


  2. Kate

    Congratulations to your daughter!! What fantastic news in these trying times. And a very admirable goal. Being a paramedic is certainly a lot of responsibility.

    I had never heard of the tradition with the flag and school bag. That is so neat. Enjoy the happy news. πŸ™‚

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  3. Servetus

    Congratulations to her and you! Not that you were surprised, but it’s still nice to be done. I hope that despite the current restrictions she can take some time to enjoy herself!

    I think she’s right to pursue the education track first (she can always change her mind). My elder niece is in a coop program in her high school — schooling oriented towards a licensed practical nurse certification along with paid coop hours in a nursing home for veterans. She decided specifically against a more academic track because she didn’t like the teachers who taught it (tiny high school). Well, now she’s done a year (she’s 17) so she really needs to finish it out, but she’s bored out of her mind, and really that’s the worst thing for a late adolescent. And she will be less prepared for college than she would have been had she stayed on the academic track. I’m still in the camp that a little more knowledge never hurts and at that age there are still all kinds of possibilities for those who are willing to study a little more!

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    1. Thank you, Servetus!

      We too had a preference for the education track but her grades needed to be good enough to pursue that and she needed to have the motivation. Now that she knew for sure that her grades were good enough, it became a real choice. The biggest hurdle for the education track for her is math but she’s pulled through so far, she’ll pull through in the future too. She’ll never get high marks for math, but a passing grade will do. It also helps that a good friend of hers is also pursuing the longer education track (her friend wants to go into law).

      I’m so sorry your niece is bored! I hope she can stay interested enough to actually pursue further education.

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      1. Servetus

        Glad to hear it’s “only” math. There’s always tutoring and higher math isn’t that important to being a paramedic so it’s just the classes to pass.

        re: my niece: I am not super worried — I think she’s learned a few life lessons this way.

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  4. Esther such wonderful news for your daughter
    I’m rewatching ER right now and will be thinking of her as paramedics are crucial to saving lives!! Kudos to you and your husband as well for raising a beautiful compassionate daughter!!!
    My brother and family take every opportunity to put a flag out so good for you guys!!!❀️❀️❀️

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    1. Thank you, Michele.
      We’re quite careful with nationalism and flags here, only for rare occasions do we put out our flags (very unlike the US). We always feel queasy about too much nationalism but for this we make an exception. πŸ™‚

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