King’s Day in quarantine

Today is a holiday here in The Netherlands. We celebrate our King’s birthday and that usually turns the whole country into one orange (our national colour) street party with open air junk sales, music in the streets, cafés and restaurants filled to the brim and people in a festive and fun mood.

Yesterday evening I was going through previous King’s Day pictures with the kids (and before 2013 Queen’s Day when we had a queen). This was my son’s first Queen’s Day, all dressed up before we headed out and then visited my parents (second picture was taken at their house)…

This was my daughter’s first Queen’s Day two years later…

And this was in 2005 when the kids were 3 (going on 4) and 16 months old respectively…

Some more fun pictures between 2006 and 2013. We’d go to different towns each year and join the celebrations there.

Last year, my daughter, my brother and I even did a junk sale ourselves, even though the weather wasn’t great, while my son partied with friends in another town. He was part of the crowd in this video where everyone is urged to jump from left to right…

This year, however, due to Corona, all communal festivites were canceled. King’s Day was to be spent at home. The king did appear on TV for a small speech and posed for pictures with his wife and daughters but celebrations were all at home, even for the king and his family.

We had thought to go out and picnic somewhere today, maybe in the woods to the east of us, but we heard that all the parking lots were closed and people were urged not to come to recreational areas. Also, my aunt’s closest friend, a partner of sorts for her, is 95 and on her death bed. Not from Corona but from other issues and I had promised my aunt I would be there for her on standby should she finally be allowed to visit her friend to say goodbye (she hadn’t been allowed to visit the nursing home in close to two months, which was very difficult in itself). This morning the call came that the nursing home expected that my aunt might need to come and say goodbye soon and I didn’t want to be far from home in case I needed to jump into action.

So, we had a little King’s Day picnic at home. Mr Esther hung out the flag, I put out a little orange coloured plant I had bought, and we all got together for a nice lunch in the sunshine (including our cats who hung out around us in the garden).

The weather was so gorgeous, even the fuzz growing on top of my garden statue’s head seemed orange…


Not long after our late lunch the call came that my aunt’s friend was not doing well and that my aunt could come and say goodbye. So, mini-me and I picked up my aunt and took her to the nursing home. We weren’t allowed in, only my aunt was, and we awaited her as she came out again. It was emotional, of course. We then visited my mother and brother so that my aunt could be comforted by them as well (and yes, we adhered to strict handwashing and keeping a distance). We ate pizza there and came home.

Mr Esther had gone for a bike ride in the afternoon and took pictures of our historic city hall in full glory…

… and now it’s late in the evening and we’re hangin’ on the couch looking back at a bit of a strange King’s Day which has not been as festive and was sad to boot. I hope next year’s will be happier.

10 thoughts on “King’s Day in quarantine

  1. Esther last year it rained right? You all did decent too in your junk sale (ie 62 EU I think)
    Bless your aunt and 95 is a lifetime hopefully of happiness
    Thank you for sharing your time capsule of the kids from babies to now on Kings Day
    Your beloved statute with the orange fuzz is marvelous! She is a real beauty!
    Stay safe stay well lovely!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Servetus

    Our town just canceled both Memorial Day and Flag Day (the latter for which the town is widely known) for this year. Strange days, as you said earlier.

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