Strange days indeed

Yesterday during a press conference given by our prime minister the announcement came that primary schools will re-open with some restrictions after the May holiday we have here (May 11th) and that young kids are allowed to gather together again for sports training activities under supervision (and with no parents watching from sidelines). All other measures we have in place with our lockdown will be extended until May 20th (four weeks from now) and all large gatherings, events, festivals have been cancelled till September 1st. Our PM said that should more restrictions be lifted in four weeks time then that will only be possible with some very strict measures in place that need to be stringently observed. We need to prepare for a “1.5 meter economy”. How all this will effect the university I work at is anyone’s guess. We’re physically closed till June 1st, I’m already thinking that will probably be extended until after the summer…

In the meantime all we can do is make the best of the world as is and, for now, enjoy the ducklings and lambs and little daises on the side of the road as we take our walks-with-a-distance (pictures taken two days ago)…


Personally, I also enjoy the view of Mr Esther and my cat waiting for me in our front garden as I walk to the recycling bins and back…


Six weeks of lockdown now for us and while many things are starting to feel normal it also still remains weird to be so restricted in where you go and what you do outside the house.  At least another four weeks of these restrictions to go and probably even longer after that…  It makes me think of this John Lennon song:

I specifically think of the chorus: “Nobody told me there’d be days like these | Strange days indeed | Most peculiar, mama…”
(Side note: Wow! At 1 minute 21 that’s Fred Astaire on Yoko Ono’s arm in this video!)

I really liked one thing our PM Mark Rutte said yesterday: “The freedom of one person cannot be at the expense of the health of another”. I think he’s right, so the message continues to be: #StayAtHome.

23 thoughts on “Strange days indeed

  1. I’ve been enjoying the number of bike riders up and down our street as of late. And the birds. I’ve never been a bird watcher until this spring. We have a pair of blue jays building a nesst in the tree behind my house – although I think maybe it’s done and she’s sitting a nest as I’ve not seen her. We also have woodpeckers (I posted pictures of them last fall) and I believe we have a nest nearby of cardinals. I see him ALL the time – busy busy bird! I”ve recorded a few videos of me reading to my little ones and today, I’m going to record me reading the first chapter of My Sparkling Misfortune. (Lord Arkus is the bad guy and you root for him!!!)

    It will most likely be a state by state thing here for when we reopen. Our governor is already making plans to reopen certain businesses – such as gyms. School is out until August, so we’re done and I’m doing busy work.

    I love your pictures. Everything is so beautiful where you’re at. Stay safe.

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  2. Esther that’s a great song of his very appropriate now.
    I received a wonderful video this morning that I’ve viewed about 20 times just makes me smile. Thank you for your pics and love those overhanging trees in your front door along with your welcoming committee😘❤️

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      1. I hope they are small steps, but I worry that people will act irresponsibly. In the US individual freedoms come before anything, even public health. Sadly, we have already learned that with guns, many times over.

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        1. Linnet I’m on the East Coast in Virginia our stay at home is in effect until May 8 and I’m non essential. I know some places like SC plan to open like tomorrow ! Texas plans to allow some non essential businesses to open soon too where my parents and sister live
          No guidance from Fed govt either 🙄😳😠

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  3. Servetus

    Our first safer at home order expires the 24th, but a second has been issued for about another month. Now we’re in the strange situation of having the GOP leadership of the state senate suing the (Democratic) governor for following the CDC guidelines in the second order and keeping the state closed. The governor has even said if the state meets CDC criteria earlier than May 26 (steadily falling number of cases for at least 14 days) he will relax the order sooner. It’s all GOP theatre — 87% of people in the state support the guidelines or think they don’t go far enough — they just think that the governor’s approval ratings will rise because he’s doing a good job. And, of course, the GOP are the ones who forced voters out into the middle of this to vote on April 11th. I don’t have words I can say out loud for what I wish would befall them. My term ends at my second campus May 22. Not sure I’ll be paid for the entire contract on that campus as pay cuts begin May 1. Strange days indeed.

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  4. rachel

    It’s interetsing seeing different people’s reactions. I think most of us have at least a low lying anxiety reaction because our lives have been tipped upside down.
    I had to go and pick up medictations today and was probably the most relaxed I’ve been because others are falling into line about social distancing. Apart from one man who just had to walk close by me for no flipping reason. Our chemist are not letting us in their premises. we wait outside for someone to come to door then have to wait fot out prescription. can’t phone in advance I had a 20 minute wait and this man walked ao close to me even though we have this wide open pedestrianised area. Another chap waiting saw and came over ( 6ft odd away still) and chatted about the selfish actions of some people.
    The sweetest thing happened after I came out of the supermarket. ..I saw this little kid about 6 years old alone who looked miserable. I said out loud :
    ” don’t worry, things will gonback to normal one day”
    Then as I was walking home ( about 1.5 miles down a countryside ttack) I heard a bicycle bell ring. I turned and this lady and that same child cycled past me…and as he passed he looked back and gave me a huge smile! 😊

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    1. Aw, that’s cute about the little kid! 🙂
      Yeah, it is stressful if others don’t keep their distance! I now only go to the supermarket in the evenings because it’s quiet then and the distancing works much better. A few weeks ago Mr Esther was quite anxious about people not keeping a distance in the supermarket (he has asthma, so is in a high risk group) and I told him that I don’t want him going to the supermarket at all anymore. That has relaxed him. 🙂 Other than the supermarket thing, people here where I live do comply well with keeping a distance, I notice that on our walks too. When we see others they and we step aside and take turns passing in narrower areas.

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      1. rachel

        Yeah we try to pick the quieter times too
        Generally people are good now, but there always seems to be that one person who seems to think this stuff doesn’t affect them!

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