Happy Easter!

We had a lovely Easter brunch (and yes, Mr Esther is growing a Corona-beard so it’s getting long)…


…and now there’s a little time to chill in the garden beside my fave garden statue before the rain (may) come later today.


As it is Easter, I have this song running around in my head today from the 1948 movie Easter Parade. In fact, I may just take a little time to watch (some of) that movie again right after I post this. Dear readers, please enjoy a festive Judy Garland and Fred Astaire for a moment…

… and I hope you all have a good and, above all in these times, a healthy Easter!

21 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

    1. Yeah, she’s beautiful! Doesn’t have to be expensive, this is a cheap concrete statue we ran into somehwere. She may not last forever but we’ve had her for a few years, she’s weathering nicely and she’ll last long enough. 🙂

      The pastry is filled with veal ragout (nothing fancy, just from a tin but tasty).

      Happy Easter to you too!

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  1. Servetus

    It’s still one of the major pleasures of going to church on Easter Sunday — all the little girls in their new Easter finery. Ah well, there’s next year. Happy Easter!

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  2. Happy Easter to you as well!!! What a lovely brunch and gorgeous garden.

    I miss seeing the little girls in their Easter finery. Shoot, I remember being a little girl in Easter Finery! Complete with crinolines, gloves, bonnets and frilly socks with patent leather shoes! I told Spawn we should semi-dress up and take ‘Easter-virus’ pictures! LOL!

    Dinner is in the oven! Ham with carrots and a Sesame Seed Salad! Nummy!

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      1. Oh, the Easter finery for little girls here is rampant!!!

        Easter dinner was excellent! I made a ham with carrots and potatoes glazed in brown sugar (light, mixed with splenda) honey and butter. Yummy!!!

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  3. Happy Easter, Esther! Glad you enjoyed your dinner. With my older son not being able to come over for dinner tonight, we’ve decided not to do an Easter dinner as such. Next year.


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