Tea break…

… in my home office…

20200331_114218_resized (1)

I have this Roman Holiday tea set that was sitting decoratively on a shelf but I figured, what use is a tea set if you never use it? The tea cups are a bit small for my liking, so I prefer my cat-cup that can hold a whole lot more tea, but the plates are perfect for a piece of carrot cake! It was yummy.

My view right now shows that the sun is shining and it’s beautiful outside.

20200331_115250_resized (3)

I should really go outside for a lunchtime walk but that means I have to get out of my pj bottoms and the Muse t-shirt I slept in and have to get dressed.

20200331_115856_resized (1)

No time for that because I have another video call at 1 pm. So, here I am on my lunch break, blogging instead about tea and cake and t-shirts. I think I’ll go have a sandwich now with my home-office-colleague. What another riveting day in Corona isolation it is!

11 thoughts on “Tea break…

  1. Esther what a nice tea cup set!!
    Also great to know I’m not alone in sleeping and lounging in t shirt and pjs half of the day!!😘❤️
    Thank you for these daily blog posts! They are upbeat and genuine and make me feel I’m right there with you !!
    Enjoy lunch and video conferencing!

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    1. Video conferencing is very business-like so not always that much fun. This one was fine. I make sure my top is presentable, so the shirt is OK, my hair is brushed and I have a dab of mascara on. The rest of me can go to pieces and thank goodness they can’t smell me. 😉
      I have no idea where this blogging daily urge is coming from, it’s not my usual MO. So, enjoy it while it lasts, it can all be over tomorrow and back to only once or twice a week… 🙂

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      1. I’ll take whatever you want or feel to write and post!! Mine is every day to try to combat boredom and anxiety
        I have a massive fear of the unknown in everything right now so your posts plus my chats with me close friends have been immeasurable help right now 😘❤️

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    1. Yeah, fighting laziness is a thing, even if I do have to work! Lazy me has me rolling out of bed at 8.45 a.m. so I can start work at 9, dressed properly or not…
      After I allow myself a pj day, I ensure that the next day I get dressed properly. Yesterday was proper day, today pj. 🙂 Although, I think I will get dressed at the end of the afternoon for a walk.

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