The arts can lift your spirits

I’m just realizing that right now I am blogging daily, I am on a seven-day-streak today! I am surprised at myself but don’t get used to it, I fully expect that any day now I’ll be going down some rabbit hole again and will be disappearing off the face of the blogging-earth again for days on end… Oh, and a little fun fact: yesterday’s post was number 666 on this blog. 😈666Anyway, those were just little points of order, now on to what I actually came on here to blog about.

All this Corona news can be overwhelming: the rapid rise in cases, the people dying, hospitals that can’t cope with the amount of sick people needing care and then there’s all the information thrown out there to keep track of. We have limited our news intake to 2-3 times a day instead of 24/7 because we also need to keep our sanity and we don’t believe any “tips” on Twitter or Instagram – if I want to know something I go to our National Institute for Public Health for information. We stay informed, we do what we can and then we try to keep sane as well by doing nice things.

In addition to the pressures of corona, I have also been working a lot, it has become almost stressful. So, I’m taking a little breather today, just doing the absolutely necessary stuff, blogging in between, and taking the afternoon off. Luckily there are lovely things happening to keep spirits up. Yesterday, for instance, The National Theatre in the UK announced they will be streaming plays on YouTube. It’s free but I will be making a donation because the arts really are so important and I’m so pleased that they’re doing this. I am especially excited that from April 9th they’ll be showing Jane Eyre. I saw that play a few years ago in Leeds and loved it. It will be a different cast from when I saw it but I’m already excited to watch it again!

Jane Eyre (12a)

Patrick Stewart is reading a Shakespeare sonnet a day over on his Twitter account. The one he read on day two was especially heartwarming, maybe because of the twinkling in his eyes. He’s up to 5 or 6 now as I type this, scroll through his account for a look-see.

Sam Neill’s Twitter is heartwarming during the best of times and even more so now. I saw this today and it made me smile from ear to ear. Not just the delivery, I love the gentleness in his face too.

And it looks like my plans for the weekend are taking shape as well. Drunk Austen is doing a Jane Austen con online this weekend. There are some great events scheduled, I think I just may pop in! 🙂


And to end it all on a smile, here’s Lin-Manuel Miranda doing a David Bowie from Labyrinth bit.

This makes me think that I’d love to see Hamilton on live streaming theatre somewhere, I always hear it’s amazing.

8 thoughts on “The arts can lift your spirits

  1. Congratulations on your 666th post : ) You are so right about Sam Neill. He has improved with age, I think, as some men do. I’m interested in the Jane Eyre show but it’s going to be broadcast too late at night for me. Maybe I can figure a way to record it.

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    1. Thanks for the congrats. 🙂
      Actually, the theatre production will be available for a week (quote: “some of the best British theatre, free to stream for a week.”) so you can watch in your own time. I’d be very curious to hear what you’d think. When I read about Jane Eyre I often think of you and those awesome film comparisons you did some years ago.

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  2. Esther wow just very uplifting today
    Rachel gave me an amazing pep talk as I am now home from work for at least three weeks and trying to find things to do so I won’t go stir crazy!
    Sam is so sweet and cute there and I did see Sir Patrick’s sonnet from Tuesday which was grand!!
    I love these outpourings from celebrities and it makes me feel relieved that they are having to entertain themselves like the rest of us 😘❤️


    1. Yeah, we all have to make do. It’s good that well-known people also show how important it is to comply with these restrictions and then even entertain us while doing so.
      So, you have to stay home as well now. Stay well!

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