Shopping in Corona times

As of today, here in The Netherlands, there are 7431 confirmed Covid-19 cases, 2151 of these people are in hospital and 434 people have died. Numbers are still rising here although yesterday and today they have said the rise seems to be a little less steep due to all the measures taken. Measures here in The Netherlands to prevent the spread of the Corona virusย were tightened three days ago, like not being allowed outside with more than 3 people in a group, the rule to keep at least 1,5 meter distance strongly reiterated and the shops must take measures to ensure people stay 1,5 meters apart.

I ventured out to the stores in the little mall across the street yesterday, we needed some groceries and I had a trip to make to the post office, and sure enough things looked different in the shops. There were signs, like this one I saw as I passed the butcher’s where not more than 5 people are allowed in at a time and they are told to keep a distance.


Other shops had marked the floors where people queue, indicating the 1,5 meter distance…

At the supermarket there were markings where you can queue for the shopping carts and a guy in an emergency vest was checking that not too many people went into the store at the same time…

I use a self-service scanner to scan my groceries and the scanner tells shoppers to come alone (so not in groups) and has a 1,5 meter warning text…


At the self-service check-out there are partitions so contact can be avoided…


I ran into a neighbour at the store and we stood and talked to each other for a bit with that distance between us. It felt weird.

Today, after a very busy day working from home, Mr Esther and I walked to a DIY store (a bit over a half hour’s walk away) during what would normally be rush hour on a Thursday afternoon. There were some cars, a few occasional bikers (normally you’d be run over by bikers while walking on a bike path at such a time!) and virtually no pedestrians in the streets at 5.30 pm. It’s almost eery.

Our little family ended the day yesterday by playing a game, which is lovely, but I wonder how sick we will get of Rummikub by the time this ends.


It looks like our reality will continue to look like this for a while. I so hope it will all help keep the virus somewhat in check so that the hospitals can keep up. We are living in such surreal times right now!

61 thoughts on “Shopping in Corona times

  1. Waving from similar circumstances over to you… When I went to the supermarket yesterday there were prohibition signs to prevent people from taking photographs of empty shelves. The hoarding has slightly decreased though… I still don’t get people’s “hamster” activities. Food supply is not our main concern right now!
    I am a bit worried about my mum who is living alone and has just had a second successful chemo therapy. Luckily her neighbours are very supportive.
    My husband and I had a long walk this afternoon. There were many people out and about but everyone keeping their distance. It’s surreal. I reallyhope you and everyone around will stay safe and healthy!

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        1. squirrel.0072

          ๐Ÿ™‚ I understand this situation. “Curfew” or illness causes difficult situations. My parents (87+ 90 years old) are also isolated, cloistered at home. Right now Iโ€™m travelling 100 kilometres back and forth one morning per week to supply them.

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              1. Well, it is a very serious situation. Just keep it ‘small’ – do what you can do, you can’t change the rest and switch off the news for large portions of the day (watching once or twice a day is enough to keep you informed).

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              2. squirrel.0072

                I can use my professional card and tell the authority they are alone, that can’t be wrong. But, I have to think about an other solution because the main problem is that I am more and more tired. My son tried with his computer but that didn’t work. My parents need to add 45 euros for a deliver at home! Perhaps my father could drive to the market, after an online grocery shopping made by son. But Dad need to be knowned , administrative steps have to be done before


  2. Esther Iโ€™ve not seen any real measures taken at my grocery store except more Purex sanitizer and Chlorox wipes for wiping down the shopping carts
    I have a host of errands tomorrow incl the bank and post office so we will see if anything different has happened
    I just donโ€™t know what to …say but be safe and enjoy the family time ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ

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      1. Ahhh Esther I hope we are not headed for lockdown but one never knows
        Thank you lovely ๐Ÿ˜Š your posts keep me going!! Iโ€™m tired of all the negativity just sick of it and the fear mongering thatโ€™s what is making me anxious


    1. Same here there is a senior hour from 7-8 am at our grocery store
      My dad is house bound now for two weeks counting all deliveries are on his front porch and my sister ordered food on line for him and our mum. He has complied totally !!

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        1. Yep he actually likes what she is getting him
          She ordered him a toaster too so he could toast bread (he couldnโ€™t cook to save his life)
          Iโ€™ll be off to the grocery store in a bit so Iโ€™ll see if conditions there have become more restrictive since last week

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        1. Linnet yes it is and I got back from grocery store a bit ago and there are now signs and taped messages to stand 6 feet apart
          I didnโ€™t take a picture thinking itโ€™s insensitive of me. I did buy red wine and the guy sticking suggested it!! He asked me how I was !! This sincerity makes me feel calm!! And here too alwAys a calming blog ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ

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          1. squirrel.0072

            ๐Ÿ™‚ I am still working from home to find new stuff to protect us at work , next week. Because, we will have to go on delivering masks to professionals and also have to deliver masks to the population too…including our normal activities and cleaning protocols…

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              1. squirrel.0072

                Dedication perhaps but for sure it’s our duty. We are born, educated, thought conditionned, prepared, formated to … and it seems to be a transmissible gene to my descendants


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