Armitage DistRAction Challenge #2

Continuing on from here, this is part two of Guylty’s Armitage distraction challenge.


Doing all the rest of the questions (14 – 25) in one go.

14. Most annoying character?
Gosh, wrecking my brain here but not many characters annoy me. I like them or I don’t like them (for instance I hated that awful Percy guy in Marie Lloyd) but annoy? Had to think on that and then came up with Richard’s most recent character, Dr. Astrov in Uncle Vanya. I was very annoyed with his treatment of Sonya in the play, where he was leading her on and then pulling away. There were even gasps in the audience at one point at how he treated her. Yeah, annoying as hell!

15. Favourite quote of a character?
I suck at remembering quotes but after a little digging in my brain, one does spring to mind by Harry from The Vicar of Dibley:
“My visit here tonight could actually constitute a third date and therefore you would in fact owe me the sum of one kiss… with tongues…”

16. Saddest character death?
Thorin Oakenshield. Broke my heart.

17. Favourite century?
19th or the present… both are fine for me…

18. Your consolation show, i.e. the go-to show when you need distraction?
North and South for yearning romance, The Vicar of Dibley for a laugh.

19. Theatre or small/big screen?
Tough pick. What I want more than anything is a good project and the medium matters less to me. I do want access to that medium, though!
I adore Richard’s presence in the theatre, but such a performance, and the feeling of actually being there and witnessing his abilities live, is so fleeting. Fascinating and almost overwhelming, but fleeting.
I love the big screen to get a good close-up view of a huge Richard but that too is fleeting.
The small screen projects tend to be longer term and are great for seeing Richard develop a character over time.
So, I’ll happily partake in any (visual) medium on offer but in the end I guess I want everything on the small screen in my own possession for endless rewinding and studying over and over again.

20. Best costume/look?
I actually loved his John Proctor look in The Crucible.

21. Imagine your favourite character – assign them a colour, a scent and a chocolate flavor?
Who to pick because I really like Harry and the three Johns (Thornton, Porter and Proctor) but in the end I guess I’ll pick John Thornton because he was my first love.
Colour: grey, as Milton is a grey, industrial city and John’s life seems a bit dull and grey until Margaret comes into his life.

Scent: roses (yellow, for obvious reasons).

Chocolate: as long as it is heart-shaped and in a red wrapper, the flavour doesn’t matter so much. It’s all about the deep love John feels for Margaret.

heart shaped chocolate

22. Your favourite audiobook?
Audiobooks, not for me. But I did really enjoy what was more of an audio play called The Martian Invasion of Earth. Richard just voices that one character (one thing I don’t like about audiobooks is one actor doing all the characters in different voices) and can play off his co-stars. That sounded awesome to me and the story was exciting.

Martian Invasion Richard Armitage

23. Your favourite piece of fan art you own?
Yeah, said this before: the painting my mom once made for me of The Crucible. I made a phone cover that Richard even signed for me a few years ago in Newcastle! And the image graces the cover of my new phone now as well (plus it’s been the header for this blog for quite some time now).


24. If you had the opportunity to meet RA, what would you like to talk to him about?
Life. His youth, his relationship with his parents and brother & family, his true feelings about the work he does and the people he works with, difference between living and working in the US and the UK, his home life, books, movies, music, social issues and maybe even touch on politics. We could talk for days, make sure we laugh a lot too and drink loads of red wine.

25. Anything you dislike about the fandom?
Hero-worship (seriously, he’s just a guy) and drama which has always been around and always will be, I guess. I try to keep away from drama (so far I’ve been pretty successful with that) and just stick to my thing.

And voilà, the Armitage DistRAction Challenge 2020 is complete! Thanks for the fun, Guylty!

14 thoughts on “Armitage DistRAction Challenge #2

  1. Great responses Esther and many of them strike a chord with me. I particularly liked your quote choice (I’m still scratching my head about that) – it’s so cheeky – and the considered choice of grey as the colour. And I can testify that your phone cover is fabulous in the flesh!

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  2. Esther
    Agree on John Thornton and John Proctor
    Proctor is my true love but Daniel is how I got into the fandom so he is my first young love
    My go two comfort views are VOD and NS like you also Sparkhouse for Standring he’s a sweetie pie
    I would say theatre is his best medium now having seen him twice as Astrov he has an aura about him on stage that is truly mesmerizing!!! And I just loved our time with you Jane and Anne !!
    Most annoying: Claude the cad he just was snuzzy or whatever word Harlan used
    Drama and mean girls those two I can definitely do without in this fandom well there are other things but it has been a pleasure and gift to have met and gotten to know some pretty awesome women here! I feel truly blessed!!!
    Again thank you for keeping it genuine and positive and a safe place to comment! 😉😘❤️

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    1. Theatre really is a great medium for him, I agree.
      Oooh, Claude, hadn’t really considered him but a good suggestion for annoying! But Astrov being annoying made me gasp more than Claude did. Claude was just a tool.
      Glad you feel happy to comment here. 🙂


      1. Esther my heart broke for Sonya I know how she feels to like someone soo much and he doesn’t know you exist and I felt sorry for Astrov esp Wed night when Yelena toyed with his emotions the same way he toyed with Sonya’s
        Claude the cad just was so smug but sexy esp the wall kissing scene with Daphne !!
        He is such a fit for theater I would see him read the phone book on stage !
        Audio books: Heyers three are so romantic and Lords of the North is just brilliant by The Armitage
        I would recommend those and those are all I’ve listened to so far 😂😉😃

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        1. Oh yes, I’ve had a big unrequited love as well that was painful, so I can totally relate to how hurtful it would be to be led on by that person,
          Ooooh, yeah, Claude really was sexy!
          Audiobooks – I’ve actually tried a bit of the Heyers and nope, not for me.

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          1. rachel

            Esther-based on what you said, you might like A Nearly Normal Family-it’s split into 3rds-first Richards character-the Dad, then the Mum and then the daughter-all different actors and really gripping!

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  3. Thanks for completing the challenge, Esther. Even though I am kind of spoiling my own, undistracted answering of the questions, I couldn’t resist reading your answers. And there are lots of considered and very logical answers here. Plus, I love the illustrations with gifs! Nicely done.
    #14 – I think I won’t forget this answer of yours, and I will agree. Astrov really irritated me. I really thought that he had missed his vocation – was a bad doctor, especially in the sense that he is so utterly ignorant of the women’s feeling. Yeah, Astrov is a bit of a shit, if you ask me.
    #23 – Your favourite piece of fan art is truly magnificent. And now comes with so many memories: of your mother who created the original, the character it depicts, the actor who signed it. What a beautiful piece of art.
    #25 – sigh, yes, fandom is not easy. Agree with you on that, and especially on the absolutely unnecessary drama that some people create with unreasonable behaviour. Very hard to not get drawn into that, so congratulations for having maintained a good balance!

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