Uncle Vanya, night two

No time to really write, but I will pic spam with stage door pics. Was another good night at the stage door, this time around with Rachel, Michele and Squirrel.

Anna Calder-Marshall who plays Nana was so sweet.

Richard Armitage came out next, making a beeline for the end of the line and signing up a storm. He was quick, didn’t pose for selfies but was all smiles.

Peter Wight was lovely…

As was Rosalind Eleazar

And Toby Jones was so very nice, happily prepared to pose for pictures. Squirrel took a group picture (she didn’t want to be in any pics herself).

The last one out was Ciaran Hinds who was absolutely lovely as well. We posed for a group picture with him but when I got home they weren’t on my phone! Bummed but there must have been some camera problem and I didn’t think to check on the spot. Only shot I did get was this one and I have happy memories which is what really counts…

I’ll elaborate more when I get back home again. Suffice it to say it was another lovely evening, yet again in great company.

48 thoughts on “Uncle Vanya, night two

  1. Oh, the fun continues! Nice to hear you were there with a whole group. The more the merrier!
    And I am impressed – both the first time and this time, you seem to have prime spots right near the SD entrance. How did you manage that??? πŸ˜‰
    Are you watching it again tonight?

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    1. Nope, flying home this afternoon.
      Rachel & Michele were quick out, I joined a little after so they were the ones to secure the prime spot.
      First night we were a little further down the line but quite close to the exit, so yeah, good spots.

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          1. Oh Esther I know you did and they were lowered the more I read and heard about his tornado appearance but a girl can dream πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰
            PS dinner was fabulous with everyone !! ❀️❀️❀️

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  2. squirrel.0072

    Hello Ladies, what I have found strange comparing Tuesday and Wednesday evening plays:
    – when Toby Jones overplayed like a clown does, at the end of the play the theatergoers moved for SO: standing ovation. They need some stunning exaggerated hardplaying between tribute and parody from this talented well knowned actor. I know he was supposed to be drunk (sometimes to deaph) but
    – when TB is less clownesque, RA appears to be less distant, stressed, but is strangely better, more cool, more natural, more poignant, more sensual, more deeper involved in his art, for the satisfaction of his fans.
    So perhaps it is when the productor comes that they plays as they were directed to do.
    “If the cat is outside, the mice dance on the table”.
    On other dates, only a minimum service level shall be provided to spectators by the actors.(excepting him for whom the common spectator was mainly coming).
    At the end, it was on Tuesday “CABOTINAGE” according to me. A cabotin, or pooch, is an actor who seeks more to draw the spectator’s attention to himself than to serve his role.
    – when Helena plays on piano Stephen Warbeck’s music, she is credible because she performed it with talent. This real musical gives power to this production. I was wandering if what we heard being performed behind the scene, was not Eleazar on the piano and Richard on the cello, the sound directed by Ian Dickinson was incredibly good.
    – when Astrov was playing pessimism and misanthropy , I couldn’t agree he was a Doctor trully invested in the fake of his sick patients. A destroying conception of this beautiful profession according to me. On Tuesday, he was not invested when playing pangs of conscience.
    After something like 35? years of practise, professional internal conflicts should have disappeared. Great break down for him otherwise!
    And what about professional CONFIDENTIALITY?????
    – someone wrote about “ildish archness with discouragement of the elderly ” I agree but at the end it’s more a drama than a comedy.This play is relevant in front of none interest in humanity , their desinvestissements in unnumerative projects and reminds that human struggles are timeless…

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    1. squirrel.0072

      Sorry “unremunerative projects”
      humanity = humankind, mankind, humanness, specially when they played like on Tueday, with more harshness, less kindness.

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  3. rachel

    Ahhh, it was so nice meeting you guys and also having some chilling time over meals!
    Richard went past in a blur to me tbh,so I admit to feeling disappointment that I didn’t get a second chance last night. But I still am one of the lucky few to get a selfie…so genuinely no complaints.
    All the other actors we met really were so sweet and lovely..I loved their interactions and kindness ..it really was the icing on the cake.

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  4. Esther great blog post as always
    Just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet you and spend time these past two days!!
    Toby was grand and both women were utter delights!! You were so smart to get The Armitage signature when you did!!

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  5. squirrel.0072

    “Uncle Vania” night three: I missed the SD on Thursday more (or less) voluntarily. Excuse me! I nearly understood that they were signatures but no selfies…
    As for the play, I was too deeply emotionally invested to be able to compare (“Don’t go to Sciences Museum before” could be my advice) But it was a very good evening theater play FOR ALL THE ACTORS. Richard Armitage acting was very diverse with a decrescendo in gesticulation and an emotional crescendo. I was wrong yesterday, each day is not the same…Perhaps as Guylty said, they “were still tweaking it” or they stimulate their daily interest by changing details ( perspectives in the movements, the positions in space (for furnitures or actors) or either squarrely deeply their acting styles)… I hope UV could be filmed so that everybody…

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    1. Well yes every performance will be different especially since your view of the play changes where you sit. I’m happy you came out to SD Tues and you and Jane beat us out there on Wed losing effort as it was. Ciaran was just charming with you πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ‘

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