Richard loves to be alone

Lovely interview with Richard Armitage at the BBC yesterday. Not that much new for an old fan but somehow lovely.

10 minutes wasn’t enough, I felt it would have gone deeper had there been more time, but some nice little tidbits gleaned anyhow. Simon McCoy seemed to be truly curious about getting to know more about Richard and challenged him a bit as well. I loved the critical questions about how planting trees would make a difference in Richard’s performance on stage and whether he is a selfish actor. That little North & South bit made me smile so widely and Richard seemed to enjoy the memory.


I hope they do get that beer together. And I’m totally with Richard on loving being alone, I love that too, as did Greta Garbo…

In fact, Mr Esther and I are really good at being alone together, like here back in 2008 on holiday at the family cottage my parents used to own.

I think we can fit a third person in for alone time who loves being alone as well…

21 thoughts on “Richard loves to be alone

  1. Thank you for sharing the link. That was a really nice interview. And I agree… it should have been longer. They were good conversation partners and with more time they could have talked about things in more depth. Apart from Richard’s private life. He dodged that question. Lol

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  2. Servetus

    I was totally cheering when I heard that. And also “alone together” can be the best vacation. I used to do that a lot with ex-SO: spending a day reading in separate corners of the room and not speaking.

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  3. Esther thank you for the great post!
    Richard was well at ease with Simon. I wasn’t crazy about his outfit choice but the beard and hair and healthy look plus his analysis of Astrov and that he is a team player I really loved!!

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  4. Thanks for posting this. It’s a very nice interview. I really crave my alone time too. My hubby and I used to do that, but somehow neither of us reads as much as we used to so we are often in different rooms watching TV.

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  5. rachel

    sweet interview!. I’m not a loner..but i like my quiet time and so does my chap and we’re both happy to chill together without constant interaction.
    He did make me giggle with his side step to the alone question and i adored Simon’s sweet reaction to Richard offering him a beer…” Really?!” He just sounded chuffed and slightly incredulous! lol
    A funny tweet i saw related to the interview was by a reporter ;Chi Chi Izundu
    “Totally, unashamedly (actual lie) just made a huge twat of myself in front of Richard Armitage. You would think with the years of experience interviewing celebrities, I could be cooler. But no!”

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