The Anne billboards

Very busy here of late and in the evenings not in the mood for mystery show The Stranger, even if it has Richard Armitage in it! Mr Esther and I have seen the first two episodes this past weekend, but since then he and I have not had the energy or time yet to watch the rest together. Mr Esther isn’t quite convinced yet but curious enough to watch at least one more episode. Even though it does look good, this sort of thing isn’t normally my genre, so I really need to be in the mood and even Rich can’t quite entice me yet. He will, though, and I will watch in time! Until then I am avoiding most The Stranger blog posts in order to avoid spoilers.

As I’m not posting about Richard or The Stranger, I was looking at some of my draft posts and saw this one sitting there. I’d been collecting some Anne with an E billboard images over the last few weeks and have added on a few more this evening. So an Anne post it is!

Yes, I am still following what I can and tweeting here and there in my own effort to get the wonderful Anne with an E renewed. Other fans have been way more active, though, and some of them have been crowdfunding to get billboards up with the renew Anne with an E message! The first one went up in Toronto some weeks ago.

Showrunner Moria Walley-Beckett was in Toronto when that billboard was up, she went to visit it and actually hugged it!

Next up was the fan-funded billboard in Times Square in New York City that was up for a few days. Moira Walley-Beckett was pleased with that too…

… as was Cara Ricketts who plays Mary on the show and went to see it…

Melanie Nicholls-King, who plays Bash’s mum Hazel, also went to see the New York billboard, totally pleased and on board with the renew Anne with an E message.

In addition to New York, new billboards went up again in Toronto.

Lead actress Amybeth McNulty, who happens to be filming again in Toronto with none other than director Megan Follows who played Anne in the 1980s TV series…

AB McNulty Meg Follows

… went to see the Toronto billboard for herself together with two supporting cast mates.

They came across some fans in Toronto and posed with them too.

Yet another billboard went up in Toronto again a few days ago…

And the latest billboards went up today in Phoenix, Arizona, at a mall, apparently separately sponsored by a fan.

Besides the billboards, there’s also a petition to save Anne with an E which is up to over 168.000 signatures. On Twitter the hashtag #renewannewithane is up to almost 7 million (!!) tweets!

There is no reaction whatsoever from Netflix or CBC to all of this. Where at the beginning cast and crew and Netflix and CBC were big on announcing that Anne had ended, now they are completely schtum and the words ‘final season’ have not been used anymore. Cast and crew are liking renewal tweets and billboard tweets but they say nothing else. I hope this means that things are happening behind the scenes. Alas, Netflix hasn’t answered my question about renewal, so I don’t know…

… but I’m sure hoping the silence is a good sign!

4 thoughts on “The Anne billboards

  1. Esther wow!! Such incredible devotion and support! Just warms my heart when people come together and show such love for a show!
    I’m doing a re watch of The Stranger then will start with Anne with a E!!
    Hope you and your family are well!
    Again so happy you decided on Tuesday night with us!!! 😘❀️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Esther I’ll go into more detail in a few weeks at our dinner but right I need a feel good show to watch and I love all the positive energy around Anne With an E so yes I am excited once I finish my Stranger rewatch for research this time

        Liked by 1 person

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