A heavy heart today

86 years ago today my father was born. I miss him.

75 years ago today was the liberation of Auschwitz – the prime example of what happens when fear and hatred trump humanity.

Elie Wiesel indifferenceElie-Wiesel-no one surperior

1 day ago my son was devasted by the untimely passing of one of his sporting heroes, Kobe Bryant.

May his memory, and the memory of all those loved ones who have been lost, be and remain a blessing.

14 thoughts on “A heavy heart today

    1. Thank you, Servetus.

      Auschwitz – I never quite know what to say either, it’s such an unfathomable thing and humanity does not seem to be able to really learn from it either, it makes my heart very heavy.


  1. Esther your father is always in your heart and soul and through the eyes of your son and daughter
    I was in the grocery store yesterday with news broke about Kobe. Just shocked and my thoughts are with his wife and three remaining daughters

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  2. squirrel.0072

    Garder en mémoire, ce que nos anciens (maintenant disparus) nous ont appris et devoir le transmettre à notre actuel entourage, est aujourd’hui la lourde tâche qui nous incombe. C’est là que nous nous réalisons. Here I am with you Esther.

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  3. I lost me Dad almost 29 years ago and its still is painful..He was an amazing, funny, devoted Dad and husband, I got teary reading your post…..Hugs………….My thoughts and prayers are with Kobe Bryant’s family and friends..I cannot imagine their pain……….

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