Deadpool & Anne of Green Gables

Yeah, sounds weird but there’s a reason these two are mentioned together. A week ago actor Ryan Reynolds tweeted about Anne with an E needing to be renewed:

I’m not a fan but when I see Ryan Reynolds in something I like him, he’s a huge name and having his endorsement has made the Anne fandom giddy with excitement. What I loved best is all the Deadpool movie references that are being made in picture edits. I haven’t seen Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool yet, even though my son tells me I should, but I am planning to in time. Amybeth McNulty, who plays Anne, apparently enjoyed the endorsement as well…

And fans didn’t fail to respond. Some of my fave picture reactions:

There were also some final episode ones that I enjoyed, but I didn’t want to spoil those here.

Today singer Sam Smith tweeted about loving Anne with an E.

Will that result in Sam Smith / Anne fan videos? I’ll check out YouTube soon and see. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Deadpool & Anne of Green Gables

        1. Oh no, there are far more active and organized campaigners out there! They are literally up day and night organizing Twitter campaigns, ‘viewing parties’, organizing to sign petitions, raising money for billboards, make protest art and there’s even a crowd funding campaign to finance billboards. What I do is literally peanuts in comparison…

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  1. rachel

    We’re definitely not in Deadpool’s main target audience, but i certainly enjoyed the first film-Ryan Reynolds is extremely charming and very funny. The film is quite crude and violent in many parts-it is however-surprisingly a romantic film! lol and funny and violent (again) If i get Netflix i will give Anne with an E a try

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    1. I’d be interested to hear if you like it, should you ever get around to watching it.
      Yeah, Ryan Reynolds has a great deal of charm and humour, which I’m told fits well with the whole Deadpool thing. 🙂

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  2. Deadpool is quite hilarious — although as Rachel says, lots of profanity and violence. He’s a superhero that doesn’t take himself seriously. And the fake Twitter rivalry between Reynolds (Deadpool) and Jackman (Wolverine) is really funny too. Reynolds, of course, is married to Blake Lively and for her birthday, on Instagram, he posted a collection of totally awkward photos of her as a joke.

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    1. I follow Hugh Jackman on Twitter and Instagram and have seen quite a bit of his shenanigans with Ryan Reynolds there. Yes, that has cracked me up often! Just looked at the awkward photos – LOL!

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