Fangirling heart palpitation day!

So my family and I are having a lazy day at home today. The kids have been amusing themselves mostly in their own rooms with my son also napping because he really has caught the flu badly and Mr Esther has been busying himself with his hobbies and catching up on my blog posts. I have been enjoying Anne with an E again, as season 3 has become available on Netflix now and to help boost streaming numbers, I thought I’d screen it in the background on my laptop. Good news is that on my Netflix welcome page, it didn’t say “final season” as it did before, but just “Season 3”.

AWAE S3 on Netflix

Background streaming isn’t working, by the way, as I catch myself actually re-watching pretty much all of it and enjoying it yet again!

While streaming the episodes, I have also been scrolling though Twitter and Instagram to follow the fan enthusiasm for Anne and the cast has been posting stuff too. Geraldine James, who plays Marilla, showed a picture of awards won…

Showrummer Moira Walley-Beckett did not mention the words “final season” in her Instagram post.

Producer Miranda de Pencier (she played Josie Pye in the 1980s Anne of Green Gables, by the way!) shared more awards images (I’m ignoring her final season hashtag).

Cast members have shared fan art to promote the season (which has been better than the actual art Netflix has put out)…

And in the middle of all this enthusiasm, this Richard Armitage thing happened too!

RA jan 2020 UV rehearsal3

Yeah, still not over that!

Then this lovely image of some Anne cast members came which had me grinning widely.

3x10 group pic

And now, most recently, we even have Ryan Reynolds (with 15,4 million Twitter followers) supporting the renewal of Anne with an E!

This day of fangirling, which has had “World War III” trending on Twitter because of the actions of an inane US president, has had me very pleasantly distracted! I’m dubbing this my first fangirling heart palpitation day of 2020…


27 thoughts on “Fangirling heart palpitation day!

  1. Esther ooohhhh fingers crossed that there will be a S4!!
    What a way to spend a lazy day!!
    Richard looks smokin hot here and hopefully more photos will follow!
    These two posts today have been great medicines for me as I lay on the couch hacking a lung up ! So thank you sweetness ! 😘❀️

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      1. Esther I think RR boost is great! And maybe all the buzz plus great viewing numbers for S3 will somehow get Netflix and Canadian I think production company to rethink even if it takes another year or two.
        But enjoy watching and I find it hard to watch and play on my phone at the same time esp when hot to trot actors are on the screen πŸ˜‰

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        1. Yes, fingers crossed for the boost helping.
          I wouldn’t have been able to watch and play on my phone if this had been my first viewing but I have already watched a lot of it several times, so that made multi-tasking possible. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, it was a rough day. My daughter came downstairs to eat something yesterday and said, “Do you know World War III may be coming?” Yeah, I reassured her it wasn’t happening just yet… but who really knows? Thank goodness there are also good things left in this world…

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      1. Servetus

        … In addition to all the other stuff … but I had lunch with Obscura yesterday and she’s having these conversations now with her younger daughter, who’s 14 and worried about environmental apocalypse. Obscura said she pointed out that when we were 14 we were all extremely anxious about mutually assured destruction — but that her daughter was not convinced.

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        1. Yes, each age has its own huge fears, but kids don’t necessarily understand that yet. That can be good too, it can spark action. Change, if it comes, usually comes slowly… You want to take away your child’s fear but I guess it’s part of growing up and learning to understand the world as it is now.

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          1. squirrel.0072

            “That can be good too, it can spark action”. We should not expect much from our leaders. The only way out is individual, to support this sword of Damocles. Every day, each of our actions must include a thought for the planet, be more virtuous (buy in bulk, less polluting mode of transport, recycling …)
            Action and study are my daughter’s choices to deal with it. Her master intership is including fishing Indian Ocean plankton, at night, for the aquarium, to study the effect of the moon on their multiplication.

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              1. squirrel.0072

                She has the gift of finding the best plans, the best opportunities, the best people to contact, the best doors to knock on. That means:
                – winter intership under the sun, in a paradize island,
                – earlier spring intership in Corsica which allowed her a renumeration summer student job and an accreditation to enter master courses in a great uni (success rate3% )…
                (I had nothing to do with it)

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              2. She sounds like a strong young woman who can get what she wants and make a difference. A testament to her upbringing and a testament to her character. πŸ™‚


              3. squirrel.0072

                She chose her path (I would never have imagined such a destiny, which would advise, as summer job, to pack fish in ice, at night). She looked for studies, professional advices, internships, housing …on her own.

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              4. squirrel.0072

                – “strong young woman” for sure Esther. Her colleagues (professional divers, experienced veterans…) had bet that she would not last more than a day in open sea aquaculture. Result: they all lost, she was the only one to stay, 2 other boys gave up. (note: around under 1.50 meters and 50 kilograms, not RA frame)
                – “wonderful role model ” for sure MichΓ¨le but/and I am an anti role model too. Self-employed parents bear children who grow up like crazy oats, on their own. The result can go from one extreme to the other

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              5. squirrel.0072

                True! One day around 15 years old, in Paris, she was called mini miss by an unknown teenager boy. She is magnetic: always cheerful, studious but dynamic, eager for adventure.

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    1. Officially the word is still a hard ‘no’, so for now it’s all just riding on hope and reading signs into stuff that may mean nothing at all. So, basically I have no idea if this bodes well or not.


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