Guten Rutsch!

The German title of this post literally means “good slide!”, which is what Germans wish you at this time of year: have a good slide into the new year! We (Mr Esther, our mini-not-me daughter and I) drove to Frankfurt am Main today to spend a few days here. Our son is at home, taking care of the cats. He’s doing an internship at a hotel and has to work; he’ll also be going out with friends to welcome the new year and is thrilled to be spending a few days all alone at home.

After a little detour past the towns where I had lived not far from here in the mid 1980s we arrived at our hotel at the end of the afternoon, right in the center of Frankfurt. We’re close to the main shopping area.

We walked around a bit, stopped for dinner…


… and then strolled back to the hotel where we played a few games. Now it’s time for unwinding a bit before we go to sleep.

We’ll be out and about tomorrow, so I don’t expect to be online much. That means that now is the time to wish you all a good beginning to the new year and the new decade. Have a “guten Rutsch” and cheers from me to you!

RA cheers gif

AnnewithanE 2x06 cheers

May 2020 be a good year and the beginning of a decade where we do better for our fellow human beings and our planet!

21 thoughts on “Guten Rutsch!

  1. Esther Happy New Year to you and your hubby and daughter and son and kitties!!
    I hope 2020 brings you much joy and calm and laughs and great health !
    Thank you for an immensely enjoyable and enlightening blog!! 👏👏👏❤️❤️

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  2. Linda60

    Ich wünsche einen guten Rutsch für Dich und Deine Familie, liebe Esther!! Genieße den Ausflug nach Frankfurt. Ich kann mich Deiner Hoffnung nur anschließen. Happy New Year!

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  3. squirrel.0072

    🙂 Have a good time my dear, with all your family!
    Two things seem difficult to me now.
    – Find a clear way to express myself when, every day, my work requires only methodical analysis, control and execution (knowing that I cheerfully exceed the 50 hours of effective presence at the pharmacy, that my students occupy the little free time that I have left and I am not talking about the stewardship necessary for everyday life).
    – To come to understand all the ideas that are jostling in my brain, in order to find the main lines of directions, to get out of it a reasoning worthy of being read by a third person.
    Too many subjects for reflection assail me, I must take time to untangle the different balls of multicolored wool.
    Chiharu Shiota weaves infinite stories in her site-specific ..
    Intriguing yarn installations by Chiharu Shiota
    Chiharu Shiota | Butterfly Art News
    So I stay at a distance, because it supports the analysis. Expressing myself just to occupy space and time is futile.

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    1. Thank you, Squirrel.
      Finding time to untangle your thoughts with all the work you have to do is a challenge! I hope you can find some time to unwind in 2020…


      1. squirrel.0072

        Je pense ne jamais avoir vécu des fêtes de fin d’années aussi perturbées, (Noel le 22-23 à Paris, le 25 de retour au travail, le départ des étudiants , le réveillon du vieux couple, à la maison, devant la télévision, avec une soupe Mizo Tofu en sachet 3,84 euros les 2 menus, puis le lit à 21 heures…)
        Maintenant, ma fille, le pigeon voyageur, l’hirondelle est revenue pour 2 jours, dans son nid familial. Tant qu’elle ne sera pas repartie, samedi, pour St Gilles à La Réunion (avec dans la valise son matériel de plongée sous-marine complet, y compris une ceinture de 4 kilogrammes de lestage, son go pro 7 black, ses bottes de plastique pour la pêche, ses anti-moustiques (dengue et chikungunya), ses crèmes solaires, sa lampe torche, son ordinateur, son téléphone… ses papiers administratifs, ses billets de trains et d’avions, sa carte bancaire… je ne serai pas tranquille. Vive le stage d’étudiant, à l’étranger! Je rêve déjà de requins, de vagues géantes, d’intempéries, d’accidents… 2 mois d’angoisse en perspective.


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