The Stranger, first screening

Apparently, there’s been a screening in London today of the first episode of Richard Armitage’s The Stranger project. Some nice pics of the man were shared on The Stranger’s Twitter page. There was a q&a as well.

There’s the writer Harlan Coben and there’s Jennifer Saunders! I love Jennifer Saunders. More than anything, I’m tickled pink that Richard’s in a TV show with her.

The Stranger screening 07

I really like Richard in a turtleneck and with the longer hair and beard, he looks just as I like him to look. πŸ™‚ Here’s Richard alone (click on images to enlarge):

… modified to add one more picture, nicely up close…

2019-1210 RA The Stranger screening (10)

… and Richard with Dervla Kirwan and Hannah John Kamen…

… and another group picture with this time Richard right beside Jennifer:

The Stranger screening 06

These two ladies really liked that first episode…

I kinda like the idea of some funny moments in this as well. I so wonder whether I will like this… It will air on Netflix on January 30th, 2020.

28 thoughts on “The Stranger, first screening

  1. squirrel.0072

    Those pictures bring me back to special Christmas memories…listening to Ivan Rebroff. I miss snow, balalaika, troika, birch forest, vodka and Richard Armitage bass voice singing Russian folk songs too.

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