The Anne feels

I’m doing something here now that I’ve never done before and it’s all for Anne with an E because I so very, very much want to see it renewed for a fourth season! I have really hesitated to post this as it’s all about my face and I’m not too fond of my face, but in the end I couldn’t resist the urge to show how much this show does to me emotionally and therefore also physically.

If you have read my blog these recent few weeks, you know that I am completely in love with Anne with an E (this past season 3 has been just above and beyond!) and I am completely down in the dumps over the news that it’s being cancelled. There’s been a Twitter uproar with millions of tweets protesting this end, and I’m right there protesting along! I don’t know what it is exactly about this show that makes me feel so much but it really has come to mean a lot to me. And I’m not just talking about the Anne and Gilbert central characters! Matthew and Marilla and Bash are my other favourites, I just love their stories…

I’m so addicted that over on YouTube I have been watching reaction videos as YouTubers post their reactions to the episodes. I like watching a 16 year old girl’s reactions, Michaelafied, her reaction to the final season 3 episode is here. There’s a Brit guy who goes by Trophy Muncher who is really outspoken and makes me laugh. His reaction here. And I like to see this Jay guy react as well, here. I swear, the feels they describe are real! I’ve had them too!

I know my face is an open book, so for the first time ever I wondered what I’d look like reacting to an episode. I decided to re-watch the season finale in its entirety for a second time (instead of bits here and there) and switched on my laptop camera. I never filmed it to share it, otherwise I would’ve made sure I was looking better and sitting in a better location, not slumped down in my bed. For once (and once only!) I was curious about what my own reactions would look like. In the video I look pretty awful already and by the end I look worse! The emotion is real, though… I’m not a huge fan of looking at myself, but to drive home the point how much this show does to me, even on a re-watch, I decided to post screencaps anyhow, taken from the video I made. The video is pretty bad quality, so would be torturous to watch anyhow and if I posted it, it would also give away all the spoilers for the finale of season 3. As this season has yet to air for a bigger audience on Netflix in January, I didn’t want to spoil everything. (Go ahead, stream it there, seasons 1 and 2 are already up! The more views, the more they may consider continuing it!) So, I’m posting picture reactions here that should say a lot on their own and should drive home the point how much Anne with an E needs to be continued!

Anyway, here goes: Esther reacts to the season 3 finale of Anne with an E. A tad spoilery with pictures from the episode, even though I do remain vague about what actually happens in those pictures. This post is mostly about documenting the rollercoaster ride of emotions.

The previous episode had ended on a cliffhanger, so going into this one with lots of questions. This was me during the opening scene (and yes, that is a Hobbit poster behind me. Mr Esther loved the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies as well as I did, so that’s a shared thing to have on our wall). I still look relatively put-together here. I didn’t bother with my usual mascara or anything because with this second viewing, I knew what was coming.

01 Opening scene

The next scene is at teacher Miss Stacy’s house, with Gilbert, Anne, Diana (and others not shown here):

Anne Gilbert 3x10 (4)Anne Gilbert 3x10 (3)vlcsnap-2019-11-28-22h50m46s363

My reactions to that whole scene were these, fun but oh sweet torture:

Reactions to a baffling scene with Matthew and an endearing one with Bash, his mother and his daughter:


Then came a scene with Gilbert, I reference this picture I posted before, won’t give anything else away:

Anne Gilbert 3x10 (22)

Oh my goodness, that scene was just so utterly beautiful! I’m not a religious person, but it sure looks like I’m praying!

I had about half a minute to compose myself:

12 Composing myself

Then came this scene, with something dramatic happening right before it and also a misunderstanding after it:


Even though this was my second viewing, I was literally shaking the laptop!

Seriously, this show!!! Then came some more up and down scenes and one with Matthew that broke my heart:

Something a little more lighthearted followed, with the introduction of 2 new characters who seem like so much fun! One of the reasons we need a season 4 is to see how this develops!


“Curfew is not a suggestion” – loved that and a scene with the girls right after as well.

This episode just raged on, with touching scenes for Bash again and seeing Anne’s friend Cole again at aunt Josephine’s house.


And it only got more dramatic. I posted these pictures before…

Anne Marilla Matthew 3x10 (5)Anne Marilla Matthew 3x10 (8)

… and this happened while I was watching that! Yep, I ugly-cried.

I tried to compose myself, smiling while drying my tears…

… and from there the action took off (as if I hadn’t been run ragged already)! Anne had a chance meeting and yes, she looks all grown up!


And when she turns around again with her parasol, she is about to hear something very important.

Gilbert is confronted by someone on the train (oh, how I loved that scene!)…

Anne 3x10 Confused Gilbert (6)

…and we move into a situation which literally had me throwing my arms up into the air.

Then I got feels corresponding to stuff happening here:

Anne Gilbert 3x10 (89)

Followed by feels for what happens here:

Anne Gilbert 3x10 (108)Anne Gilbert 3x10 (109)

And then we come to the next to last scene with Anne, Matthew and Marilla:

Anne Marilla Matthew 3x10 (13)

So touching!

We end on this:

Anne end 3x10 (2)

With me looking like this and saying “This cannot be the end!”

I slowly come back to the real world, as I switch off the webcam, looking a lot less put-together than at the beginning, with shell shocked eyes and hair all over the place.

42 Back to earth

Seriously, I have loved many shows but I have rarely had a show do this much to my emotions. This finale episode was a real rollercoaster ride, with barely a second to recover from one scene to the next, and I loved it. Even on re-watching, my reactions remained extreme, so you can imagine what my first reactions were like.

Thank you to Amybeth McNulty (Anne), Lucas Jade Zumann (Gilbert), Geraldine James (Marilla), R.H. Thomson (Matthew), Dalmar Abuzeid (Bash) and Dalila Bela (Diana) for their outstanding performances in this episode. And thank you to Moira Walley-Beckett for making such an extraordinary show!

Anne Gilbert Moira after dance BTS

I am seriously addicted, especially after season 3 which was the best season so far, and I need more Anne with an E! Come on, CBC and Netflix, give us a season 4!

12 thoughts on “The Anne feels

  1. Esther I feel like I’m sitting there w you watching the show!! Thank you for sharing this show and your love and enthusiasm for it with us
    I’m gonna go to YT and look up those links!!
    You have more than sold me on the show and I hope that somehow a Season 4 gets made!!
    And you are beautiful and a sweet crier 😘❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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