Save Anne!

Sunday night was the season 3 finale of Anne with an E. And what a finale that was! This season was about Anne growing up and finding herself. The finale so beautifully gave us answers to many of the questions Anne has struggled with, it was a joy to watch. I laughed, cried, threw stuff at my screen. Perfect, really. Just sharing some pictures here without real story spoilers because I can’t help myself.

The Anne and Gilbert feels were extremely strong. At the beginning there was this…

… and there was this thing Gilbert did which was so beautiful that my head was screaming “awwww!”  throughout all of it…

Anne Gilbert 3x10 (22)

A few seconds before this scene of Anne hanging outside her bedroom window she did something which had me almost destroying my laptop in frustration!


The whole Matthew and Marilla storyline was beautiful and the scene where Matthew speaks his feelings especially got to me. I think it’s a father-daughter thing that resonates so…

There was truly excellent Shirbert (Anne Shirley & Gilbert) drama at the end that I have been watching on loop countless times…

… with a lovely family moment for the Cuthberts too at the very end.

The final shot is this…

Anne end 3x10 (2)

… and then I found myself already fervently wishing for that season 4, hating the idea I’d have to wait a whole year for it. Alas, this finale-high was very shortlived as yesterday afternoon this announcement came from the show’s producer, Moira Walley-Beckett on Instagram:

Modified this post to add this message from Moira as well:

I tell ya, I was so counting on that 4th season that this completely threw me and I admit to having wiped away a tear. Anne with an E is being cancelled? It cannot be true! Tweeted my disbelief as well as soon as I found out…

The hashtag #renewannewithane was trending worldwide on Twitter for many hours yesterday, I added my support:

Apparently there have been over a million tweets with that hashtag! Yesterday, very late at night, I saw a statement from Moira in Entertainment Weekly, saying she would love to pen a film finale to Anne with an E. I’d still prefer a whole season or two or three, but if the very least we could get was a movie, I could sort of live with that.

I get passionate about shows I love but I’ve rarely been this passionate about a show. I’m so depressed about this news that I can’t even do my regular tour of post-episode fan videos on YouTube (let alone make my own, which I was planning to do). My heart just isn’t happy enough for that.

It’s such a shame that the finale-high was so quickly spoiled by the cancellation news. I’m still holding out for some good news; there is always hope, right? In the meantime, I’ll be sure to continue tweeting #renewannewithane and #saveannewithane. Heck, I’d even help crowdfund the whole thing! I did that for Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries at the time too, and they have now finished making a film that will be coming out in the new year sometime. Anne with an E next? Please say yes, CBC and Netflix!

16 thoughts on “Save Anne!

      1. Kate

        I had a bad run a while back, where a few shows I liked got canceled and for a while I didn’t even want to start a show that was still running to avoid that. So I only watched shows that were complete and checked that they didn’t leave things unresolved.

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        1. I hear ya.
          They tied things up nicely in this finale episode because they didn’t know whether there would be a renewal or not. So, in that sense it wouldn’t be awful if it ended here as there really was closure on several things. Yet still, it feels unfinished, like there are still so many more stories to explore! I can live with a cancelation if it is known early before they make the show, so that you can prepare yourself. That was the case with Suits. They announced the final season before it was even made, so you can make you peace with it and the show can end exactly as the showrunners intend it to. Such a sudden cancelation doesn’t provide that luxury and I hate that, I find it almost disrespectful to the audiences that love the show.

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  1. Esther, hopefully Netflix will change their minds if they see all this support for the show. It’s wonderful your passion and enthusiasm for this show, that it has touched you so deeply and so many other people. That is the mark of a great show…

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      1. Do you think it was Netflix decision totally or showrunners had an inkling about it? I mean Berlin Station went to shit in S3 so I was glad when it wasn’t renewed. But shows like The Sopranos I could have seen go on much longer although I think that was the show runners decision to end it.


        1. The show is made in partnership between the Canadian CBC Channel and Netflix. A few weeks ago CBC already announced they would stop collaborating with Netflix and the first shockwave hit the fan community. There were messages, however, that the last word hadn’t been said on this and that there still was every chance of a season 4 or even 5 (Moira once said she envisioned the story to evolve over 5 seasons).
          From what I understand, CBC wants to set up it’s own streaming site and thinks Anne wouldn’t do well enough on there. I think Netflix can’t make the show its own due to rights issues with CBC. So, Netflix has withdrawn and I think it’s mostly up to CBC now.
          I just wish sometimes shows weren’t only about what makes the most money… This show clearly resonates with a lot of people, so just make more already! Give us the 5 seasons and I will never complain. 🙂

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          1. Esther thank you so much for the back story. Agree with you totally. I am now wanting to watch this show more than ever and then watch your video collection. I already have a future post in mind. You are always a wealth of inspiration !!

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