Fangirling more Richard @TIFF!

Finally, a week and a half after the fact, I am getting around to my more-fangirling-Richard-Armitage-at-TIFF post. I already fangirled a bit here, but more delights of Richard at the Toronto Film Festival came in after that and I’ve been clicking and saving images like mad. As always, you can click on the smaller images in this post to enlarge them.

There was an extra image I hadn’t seen yet of Richard in his first TIFF outfit. I didn’t think the yellow did anything for him but I was looking at his face mostly anyhow.

Then came pics or Richard in a second purple suit, my fave suit of the suits I saw him wear there.

I loved the background in this picture and the way Rich leans against that wall with hands in pockets.

RA TIFF c 2019-02a

Nobody puts Richard in a corner? Yeah, little Dirty Dancing reference there, but apparently he does corners well!

Even Julie Delpy joined him in his corner. That smile in this following picture reminds me of the selfie-smiles he tweets out that always look a little off to me. Maybe it’s the way he looks into the camera?

RA TIFF c 2019-06

There was more posing with Julie:

Portraits with a dark background:

Portraits with a light background:

Portrait seduction is complete!

There were some images of an interview with Julie:

And final funky pics infront of a mirror. I really liked that solo one.

There’s a video interview: and some screenshots from that:

Fellow fan Cyn over in Twitter was at TIFF and shared this video interview after the screening of My Zoe which, beware, contains spoilers:

And this video about the ending of the movie, which also contains spoilers!

Also this image:

Just before I wanted to hit post, I saw this video pop by which has Richard and Julie sitting on that couch as in the interview pics above, the Variety interview:

Couldn’t resist, took ‘a few’ screenshots:

And last but not least, these shots from the My Zoe movie (source) showed up:

RA My Zoe 02RA My Zoe 01

Oh man, Richard holding his movie daughter like that does all the right things to my heart! I’m really curious to see this movie.

All in all, not such a bad haul, right? 🙂

MTA: I just found the whole video of the Q&A after the screening. I’ve only watched bits and pieces but beware, there are major spoilers here!

32 thoughts on “Fangirling more Richard @TIFF!

  1. Esther a wonderful haul and a great post as always by you that captures the essence of Richard.. I like the third suit too although the monochrome purple suit he just looks dashing and so debonair in. I definitely want to see this movie and hope it makes it to American shores. I think he looks pretty relaxed in your screen shots too. I’m not a mother but I can tell this film will be very emotional and gut wrenching.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. squirrel.0072

      Elle a dû arriver à le faire sortir de sa réserve, malheureusement trop souvent habituelle (depuis ” le Hobbit” de Peter Jackson ou “The Crucible”). Peut-être pourra t’on visionner autre chose que le minimum syndical… Assurer la direction d’un film de qualité et y tourner le rôle principal reste un exploit personnel pour Julie Delpy, dont peu d’acteurs sont capables.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. I still need to watch it! Haven’t been in the mood yet, because I know it will be depressing and unsettling… Once I have watched it, I will post about it, I’m sure. 🙂


  2. Well I would see The Lodge with a friend but not by myself. If My Zoe makes it to my neck of the woods I already have a day planned around it.
    The purple suit: It is much umm err tighter on his torso so when he was sitting it was for me wow just heaven. All three looks were contemporary and he has an amazing body that virtually anything he wears looks great on him.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My pleasure. 😊
      I love that leaning pose too!
      Yeah, he seems more comfortable with Delpy, undoubtedly because they had much more to do (and talk about) together than he did with Keough. Also, I have a suspicion there is more depth there with Delpy.

      Liked by 3 people

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  4. rachel

    ah, that’s a great montage of pics! such a deluge the past week or so ad hard to choose the faves! i do love the one with him and Delpy looking too cool for school. But ultimately I melt at any where he’s smiling!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. squirrel.0072

    The bioethics bill has been under consideration in the National Assembly since 24 September. It is only necessary to follow the debates that this subject opens in the French media (((besides I advise you to listen all the points of view, to touch its complexity …))), to understand the interest of this type of film. Do not confine “My Zoe” to sci-fi movies or uninteresting family melodrama.

    Le projet de loi de bioéthique est actuellement examiné à l’Assemblée nationale depuis le 24 septembre. Il n’y a qu’à suivre les débats que ce sujet ouvrent dans les médias français ((( d’ailleurs je vous conseille d’écouter tous les points de vues, pour toucher sa complexité…))), pour comprendre l’intérêt de ce type de film. Il ne faut pas cantonner “My Zoe” parmi les films de science fiction ou de mélodrame familial sans intérêt.

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