20 years

We got married on July 26th 1999…

… and 20 years later on July 26th 2019 we still love being together!

20 anni2

We’re old and fat now but happy. 🙂

33 thoughts on “20 years

  1. Servetus

    Fat has its advantages. If you fall down, you’ll bounce 🙂 or at least you should. Happy anniversary! This weekend is my brother’s also — 21 years.

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    1. Thanks! And congrats to your brother as well!
      And I know have this lovely image of Mr Esther & me bouncing together as rubber balls now – kinda fun. 🙂


      1. Servetus

        There’s a verse between Ecclesiastes 4:11 and 4:12 that was suppressed in the Septuagint: “if two slightly fat people fall down together, they shall bounce, but if they are isolated, how can they bounce?” The rabbis felt that it was off topic and distracting from their more general point.

        Seriously, though, there have been a few studies that show that after a certain age (like 65 or something), people who are slightly overweight have higher survival rates than those who are not. They don’t know why but one reason might be that they are less susceptible to bone breaks. (shrugs). Anyway: I think you could also buy bubble wrap and just wrap it around yourselves when you leave the house. Let me know if you need a discount source; I recently bought a box for Herba. [j/k]

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        1. Oooh, I like that passage! So, that is why I hurt my ankle to badly when I fell a couple of weeks ago: I didn’t have Mr Esther by my side to bounce with me!
          Yeah, bubble wrap – not a great idea in this heat… 😉

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