The hottest day

Today was the hottest day on record here in The Netherlands. In the south of our small country, in the city of Eindhoven, the hottest temp ever was recorded at 39.3 degrees Celsius.

I see that our Richard has been running in the heat today in the UK…



… although (I just checked), max temp in Stockport today was 26 Celsius, so quite bearable, I think. 🙂

Day off work for me today, Mr Esther had the afternoon off, the kids are on their summer holidays, so we decided to do something nice today. My son went swimming with friends, and Mr Esther, my daughter and I drove to the medieval town of Deventer. We’d never been there before and it was so pretty (and yes, that’s an Albert Schweitzer statue)!

It was 37 degrees Celsius there, so that is probably why it was not very busy in the streets. We took many breaks, for drinks and something to eat…

The oldest still standing Dutch stone house (from 1130) is in Deventer…

.. we also came across some World War II monuments: “Stolpersteine” infront of a house, commemorating the Jews who lived there and were killed in concentration camps, and a monument for those who suffered or died at the hands of the Japanese in South East Asia…

Several streets in Deventer were decorated with fun, colourful umbrellas:

We walked by a church and another square (lot’s of open spaces/squares in Deventer).

We took a look at the riverside…

There were also cats who needed to be petted and we ended our day in Deventer with a pizza dinner in one of the umbrella streets…

It really was a very lovely hottest day in The Netherlands ever!

18 thoughts on “The hottest day

  1. Esther what a wonderful and delightful outing w your family! To think this gem sits in your backyard so to speak! The pics are fabulous like a travel brochure!! It has cooled a bit where I live about 10-12 degrees and we have had rain the last few days. Crazy weather!
    Thank you so much for sharing these pics with us! 😘❤️👏👏

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    1. So many such gems we have here, you almost get used to how pretty some of these towns are. I live in such a pretty town myself but again am very used to it. Deventer is another such gem I wasn’t really aware of. I mean, I knew the name, just never thought to go there before.
      Crazy weather indeed, today was another scorcher!

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  2. Lovely photos and lovely way to spend the hottest day ever! Which is predicted here for today. But I’ll be “safe” within the more or less well climated walls of my working place until 6 pm…😉

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  4. What a pretty town. I really need to go and visit the Netherlands. (Especially while I am here in N. Germany. It’s only 300km from here.) Thanks for all the beautiful pictures. And well done to you for braving the trip on that of all days!!!

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      1. Hehe, non existent at this stage! But nevertheless, I really have to put the Netherlands onto the itinerary for a future visit here. Not least because Miss Guylty spent three days in Amsterdam and was full of praise!

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        1. Well, just know you’re always welcome to pop by here! Amsterdam is nice but can get overrun by tourists, there are some nice other gems here as well. So, make sure your visit isn’t too short. 🙂


      1. squirrel.0072

        🙂 Thank you! Umbrellas to protect from rain or sun that a great and beautiful idea, that we now can watch in lot of streets all over the world.

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