#Darvey 4 evah!

Beware of Suits Season 9 spoilers!!

Last night the first episode of Suits season 9 aired, the final Suits season as the show is coming to a close. Last season ended with, to my great excitement, Harvey and Donna FINALLY finding each other. And season 9 opened not long after that scene ended… with Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) still in bed together and Harvey wishing he’d done this sooner…

Darvey bed.gif

I went screencap-happy in my enthusiasm, here in several slideshows. Darvey still in bed and they decide to finally get some sleep in…

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The next morning the first thing Donna does is call Rachel (not seen on the show since Meghan Markle left) to tell her about Harvey and then Harvey walks in and there’s more loveliness between them…

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And then there’s a knock on the door and they let Louis in, who turns out to completely not understand what he’s walked in on. A very funny dialogue ensues with lots of double entendre, about ‘banging it out’ (Louis is talking about press releases) and Donna being ‘top notch at releases’.

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Later on in the show there’s a very nice little phone call between our lovebirds, sharing some worries …

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… and Donna even gives Harvey some shit at the office, just like she’s always done, so that luckily doesn’t change…

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… and then at the end of the episode Harvey has Donna come over to Mike’s & Rachel’s old and empty apartment. He tells her stuff like “once it hit me that we should be together, I felt like we’ve always been together” and that he’s “finally where I’m supposed to be” and that he loves how she gets him…

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… and then they kiss again…

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Oh, I’m already loving this season 9 #Darvey goodness! I’m so looking forward to more snippets next week…

11 thoughts on “#Darvey 4 evah!

      1. Esther, oh yeah I mean I’m not one to make a big deal about spoilers. It’s hard to avoid them anyway. This series reminds me of The Good Wife which I started S1 and it was longggggg too but I really enjoyed the series on multiple levels. I kinda like going into something new with longevity to it. And I really have no clue what the series entails. I only knew Meghan Markle had been in it.


        1. It’s about corporate lawyers, which sounded really boring to me beforehand but turned out to not be the case. It’s really all about rich people and big companies, which can be off-putting but for some reason I still love it. It’s all down to the characters, I guess, they’re good! 🙂
          It lost some momentum for me when Mike & Rachel (the Meghan Markle character) left. Especially Mike being gone was a downer as he was what the show was about, together with Harvey, to begin with. But after they left I still had Donna and Harvey to root for, which has kept me watching. So glad for the payoff now!

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