I wish I looked this good traveling…

So, the Korean fans did actually meet Richard Armitage off that plane and boy, did Richard look good coming off a long flight like that! Does he sleep, hydrate, meditate, put on face masks, what? No selfie he makes does him justice (he always looks off to me in them), these pics from the Korean fans do do him justice – Rich looked good! I know these have been shared everwhere already, but just to keep a record of it on my site as well, here are my faves that I came across…

These are from Babappa on Twitter, I cropped them a bit (click on pictures to enlarge):

Or these from qkrxhRod on Twitter. Especially love that first one:

And these from shine_71reen on Twitter are cute too. That little smile…so nice…

Or these from Veloce

He looked relaxed, pleased, I loved the longer hair and stubble, even the white shirt looked fine. The thank-you-to-the-fans picture he posted afterwards was sweet (albeit a selfie)…

RA Seoul 2019-0704 arrival thank you

… and a nice little addition to the great pictures of him arriving in Seoul. Thank you fans in Korea for sharing your treasures! This made a fangirl’s heart happy. πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “I wish I looked this good traveling…

  1. Esther he looked amazing and pretty fresh after sitting or lounging or whatever is done in first class πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰and I loved his think you’d and hi’s to the fans!! I’ve watched those videos over and over yesterday and today!! My heart is beaming and I do love the fluffy hair and 5 o clock stubble and untucked shirt and chest hair peeping out oohh sorry getting carried away!
    Thank you another great post! πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ‘

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  2. I had been sceptical whether the waiting fans would actually get to see RA. (Many airports have celebrity back doors so the stars don’t have to use the same exit as all the plebs.) So this was a great surprise. As was Rich’s desire to meet the fans. Great to see him smily like that, meeting fans. Definitely made me smile, too.

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  3. My jaw is still dropped to the floor,. He looks so gorgeous, in every way – and so much better than in those plastic selfies. I really love his long legs in those jeans too. And that off-centre halo in the last pic is hilarious

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