Back into the swing of things again?

Looking at my inbox I realize I have not been around much on blog and on other blogs for the past month or so! It’s pointless to try and catch up on all the old posts of my fave bloggers that I have missed, it would just take up too much time. So, I’m jumping in on posts from a week or so ago and I’ll take it from there…

Where have I been you ask? Well, right here, but very busy. I am now 2 months into my new job, I am enjoying it very much but it’s also extremely busy! So busy, in fact, that I have been in talks about needing another person there with me to share the load. Luckily my direct managers also see that, so we will be working towards a solution. I’m still so glad I made the choice to leave a toxic situation at my old job and find this new one. So far, no regrets there! I’ve also been busy with family stuff, so by the time I get to down time, all I want is to put my mind to rest and not think too much.

During that down time I have been ‘Hallmarking’ again (i.e. watching Hallmark movies), because those are easy movies to watch that don’t make you think too much. They tend to use certain actors over and over and I am becoming quite knowledgeable, in any case about the actors I tend to like in these movies. I feel a ‘fave Hallmark actors’ post coming, we’ll see if I can find patience to actutally write about it. The ones that have preoccupied me most lately are Paul Greene…

Heart of a Fighter

… and Paul Campbell…


They both have these gentle, warm, friendly ways about them with humour (Campbell’s humor seems a little more dry than Greene’s) and they’re easy on the eyes without being too flashy.

Anyway, that was a little side-track from the sorry-I-was-absent message. I know I always said I would not put any rules or restraints on my blogging. I blog when I can and when I want to and if that means not blogging for a while then that’s fine! Having said that, since starting this blogging thing close to 5 years ago I have rarely been this quiet and inactive and it does feel a bit weird and like I should apologize for being so silent. Let me just tell you: it’s not you, it’s me! And I hope I’ll get back into the swing of things again more, although I hate to promise anything.

Back to daily life: my foot is still really sore (just now hobbled out to the garden to take these pictures)…

… so I’m working from home today. Cancelling two appointments has freed up a little time to write this post. 🙂  For now I think I’m back and I hope to see you around, also on the other blogs I read.

19 thoughts on “Back into the swing of things again?

  1. Esther your posts are always a delight for us and you are genuine and humble and so very down to earth sharing your real life and fandom life here. So whether it is once a week or twice a month I smile giddily when they pop in my inbox!!!😘❤️
    The Pauls are both cuties! My mum watches Hallmark every day ! The shows may be a little sugary sweet but I for one love happy endings especially now with all the doom and gloom in the world!
    Now as for your ankle and foot
    Take care and no pressure on it! Needs time to heal sweetness! 🤗😉❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Emma

    Sterkte met je voet Esther. Zware verstuiking?
    En altijd fijn om je posts te lezen. Aan jou wanneer je zin en tijd hebt.
    Ook fijn dat je nieuwe baan bevalt.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dank je wel, Emma!
      Ja, een hele fikse verstuiking, kan er nu pas na een week een beetje op lopen. Veel telefonisch- en video-vergaderen vanuit huis de afgelopen dagen want reizen naar werk ging niet. Maar goed, gaat (al is het langzaam) de goed kant op en dat is wat telt. 🙂


  3. Liebe Esther,ich hoffe der Fuss ist inzwischen besser ❤
    Mir geht es ähnlich 😦 Ich habe gestern versuche 500 emails aufzuarbeiten aber es geht kaum.
    Ich hoffe, der neue Job macht wenigstens so viel Spass, dass es nicht so wichtig ist, dass Du very busy bist.
    Bei uns war es in den letzten Monaten viel zuviel, teilweise waren wir nur zu zweit (eigentlich sind wir 6) und das hat Spuren hinterlassen…

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      1. Nein, ich bin krank geschrieben, war dann doch alles zuviel. Montag muss ich wieder, ist aber viel zu früh. Aber da ich keine Vertretung habe wird der Berg immer höher, je länger ich fehle…..


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