Muse in Nijmegen

This past week the date of June 27th was boldly highlighted in my calendar: Muse was coming for an open air concert to the Goffertpark in Nijmegen in the east of the Netherlands and I would be there! The same park I saw Eminem in last year and David Bowie oh so many years ago in the early 1990s. Tickets had already been purchased last fall and I was going with my lovely friend Suzy from the Silverbluelining blog, we were meeting up there.

Fast forward to last Tuesday, two days before the Muse concert. I was leaving work late because I was meeting two friends of mine for the cinema to see Rocketman (I did end up seeing it, despite what happened next, and really liked it). As I tucked away my metrocard I missed the last step of the stairs and crashed to the ground, twisting my ankle quite badly, so badly that for a minute or so I couldn’t stand. First thought flashing through my head was, “NOOOO! What about Muse on Thursday??!!??”  Long story short, ice pack on my ankle when I got home later that evening didn’t help much, doctor said I needed to have x-rays the next day but in the end luckily nothing broken.  However the ankle was thick and painful enough to need extra support and I could barely stand on it.

So yes, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to go to the long awaited Muse concert! Only standing places for that concert and there was no way I could stand for two hours during the concert and all the time leading up to that. Then Mr. Esther came to the rescue. My hero! He wasn’t going to the concert but offered to take the afternoon off work to drive me there (a little over an hour away from where I live) and borrow my mother-in-law’s wheelchair (she only needs it occasionally). My older sister ended up coming to the concert with me as well (she’d also bought a ticket a while back and the person she was going with canceled at the last minute). Downside to these changed plans was that I couldn’t spend as much time with Suzy before the concert as I had wanted to.

The weather on Thursday was gorgeous: blue skies, mid 20 degrees Celsius, perfect weather for an open air concert. We finally arrived at the Kiss & Ride spot near the venue at just after 5.30 pm (drive had taken 2 hours due to traffic jams!) where Suzy was awaiting us. My sister and Suzy took turns pushing me in my wheelchair to the concert grounds. I’m forever grateful to them and to Mr Esther for bringing me there! I could stand and hobble about for short amounts of time, so that was something.


We had a nice bite to eat at the venue and then went in search of a spot to enjoy the concert from. As I was in my wheelchair for most of the time we figured in the end it would be pointless for me to watch from the field, I’d be too small to be able to see anything. So, we found the wheelchair platform and there was enough space left over for me to have a spot there as well. The down side was that only one other person was allowed to accompany me there. Suzy came with me first and later changed places with my sister as she preferred to watch the concert in the crowd, and rightly so. The park filled up with some 66.000 people (I was told by another guy there). This slideshow shows some crowd overviews before the concert started, taken from the spot I was at:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Andy Burrows, the second opening act, was good. He used to be part of a band called Razorlight with which he had scored this hit called America. Then, at just before 9 pm, Muse finally took the stage. And yes, yet again, I loved the concert from its first beat! The music is always excellent, the singing is always excellent and the show they give is always great too. Here some pictures, mostly screenshots from some short videos I took (click on images to enlarge):

The great part of being on the wheelchair podium is that the view is good, the downside is that wheelchair people (at least at this concert) don’t sit-dance that much. This means that I, and also my sister, were probably the most active hands in the air, fist bumpers and clappers there. Also, lots of coming and going on that platform which was somewhat distracting. Next time, I think I’d prefer to be in the crowd. 🙂 Nonetheless, I enjoyed the concert immensely with neon lights and laser lights and dancers with lightsabers and silver plated suits. Here is one of their most famous songs that someone filmed, Uprising, at the beginning of the concert…

… and a video of when a huge creature emerged on stage near the end of the concert…

Anyway, when Knights of Cydonia started playing (traditionally always their last song at concerts), I was bummed it was almost over. The crowd went wild (yet again) with that last song, it’s always a total crowd pleaser, but alas, Muse really was done after it ended.

We met up with Suzy after the concert and I was glad to hear that she had enjoyed it immensely as well! It was her first Muse concert, and my 4th or 5th, but I have a feeling there will be more Muse concerts for Suzy and me in our future. 🙂 And we need to meet up again extra to catch up some more as we didn’t get around to enough of that this time around. Muse in September in Amsterdam, Suzy? Might be tough, though, with that concert already sold out and my finances a little depleted, but we’ll see…

31 thoughts on “Muse in Nijmegen

    1. Wow, I didn’t know Midnight Oil are still together and performing! That sounds cool!
      My ankle is turning purple, red and orange now but despite that I can walk a little better than I could yesterday. 🙂

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  1. Esther goodness!! So happy that you were able to go see Muse and Rocketman!! The pics and video are wonderful really capture spirit and excitement of the concert! I hope your ankle is mending!! Big hugs to your husband and sis and Suzy for their love and support!! Family and friends are the best!!

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    1. Yes, they really are the best! And the concert was so worth the effort. 🙂
      In hindsight, I should have skipped Rocketman and gone home to cool my ankle immediately, but I wasn’t that smart. Ankle is purple now but I am walking a very little bit better, thank you.

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  2. rachel

    of all the bad luck ! thank heavens you didn’t break anything, but you’re probably going to have to take it easy for a while as a bad twist can be as bad as a break
    glad you had a good time at the gig, they visited Bristol recently and one of my work colleagues had a great time aswell

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    1. Yeah, I will have to take it easy although I hope I will be able to go to work again on Monday. So much to do!
      Muse was also in London when I was there a few weeks ago. If I had that famous money tree in my garden I’d go to even more Muse concerts, I love them. 🙂

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  3. I’ve just found this blog Esther. I love Muse too, they are my favourite band. I hope your ankle is better now. They were playing on my birthday in Finland, a few years ago and I had tickets ( I live in the UK). Matt broke or twisted his ankle a week before, and I thought the gig would be cancelled but he played with his ankle stapled – the trooper! It looks like you had a great view, better than mine in London recently, I was standing and the further I got in the less I could see. It was a glorious moment a few years ago when Richard said they were his favourite band ( I wonder if they still are, I suspect he will have moved on).

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    1. Ah, yay, another Muse fan, how awesome! They are my fave band as well. And yes, I too was stoked when Richard said he liked Muse!!
      Yeah, down side to standing in the crowd is that views get restricted. Upside is that you’re right inside the action of dancing along and singing along with the music.
      On to the next Muse concert! 🤩

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      1. Yes! I’m seeing them in September with a friend who missed them last time. We are seated so we should have a good view – and we may even be able to dance if no one is seated behind. I much prefer standing, there so much more energy and connection.

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          1. Yes, London. Are you going to see them in Amsterdam? I wonder if RA sneaked in to see them in Manchester ( or London!). Perhaps he still will. Gawd imagine RA at a Muse gig – I would die of excitement and wouldn’t know where to look.

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            1. I wasn’t going to see them in Amsterdam as I already went to the Nijmegen concert but now I am itching to. Amsterdam is sold out, though, and resales tend to be more expensive. Not sure what to do yet, can’t really justify the expense to the family budget… but oh, how I want to go!
              I admit that after Rich mentioned he liked Muse, the idea has crossed my mind that it would be wonderful to go to a Muse concert with him! 😉

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              1. Ah Esther chiming in here go if you can get a decent resale ticket for Amsterdam. They bring you joy and they don’t tour every year anyway and so what you deserve to go!!!


  4. It was a great day and a great concert. Und sehr gerne würde ich das mit dir wiederholen 😍
    Muse live ist schon richtig richtig klasse und obwohl du ja gehandicapt warst hatten wir einen tollen Tag. Ich denke sehr gerne daran und Amsterdam wäre natürlich toll.
    Hoffe dem Fuss geht es inzwischen ein bisschen besser?

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