Life’s a rollercoaster…

… which means that blogging and reading other blogs falls by the wayside somewhat. In the past few weeks I’ve been to two funerals, which always takes a lot out of me. I’m an easy crier, that doesn’t help.

The first funeral was of my sister-in-law’s brother. I knew him somewhat from family parties, he died suddenly, way too young, at only 47 years of age. It was difficult seeing my sister-in-law and brother and the parents struggle with the shock loss.

The second funeral was of the father of my new sister-in-law, the one I’d been to the Hugh Jackman show with. That funeral also really took it out of me, even though I never knew him. I went along to accompany my niece and my mother (who had met him a few times) to the funeral so that my sister could be there to support her girlfriend in her loss. The father had many similarities to my own father and so the funeral also held many parallels, from Bach music to the reading of Psalm 121 by his widow, a Psalm my dad used to read to us. I tell you, port wine and some time in front of the fireplace were very necessary to find equilibrium again…


Also last week Mr Esther had a second operation. Last fall his gall bladder had been taken out, around New Year’s he got sick again and it turned out that not all of the gall bladder had been removed in the first operation. So, he was scheduled for surgery to have the last piece of gall bladder, which also included stones, removed. He was feeling well when he went in for the operation and that has made all the difference. In the fall he had to stay in hospital for 5 days after the operation because he’d been so sick and everything was so heavily infected. This time around he was home again 24 hours after the operation.


Now, 6 days after the operation, he is still on pain meds for the wounds but he isn’t too uncomfortable and really healing much more quickly than last time around.

Juggling the new job (which is fun but already so much there to do!) and funerals and a sick husband (which also means more chores for me) has been very busy but luckily we’re back on track again. Today is a holiday here in The Netherlands (Ascension Day) and Mr Esther is going to attempt driving again as we visit my mother this afternoon. Tomorrow my daughter, her friend and I will fly to London for a long weekend, which should be fun!

And as I get back into the swing of things again, here’s a promo for Suits season 9, that I saw on my Twitter feed this morning:

There’s already a gif of the lovely Harvey and Donna scene in bed:

I’m so looking forward to this, to seeing #Darvey as a reality!

Anyway, more immediately, I’m looking forward to London this weekend but there’s still so much to do. Need to stop blogging now to do some laundry and get shopping for the weekend done so Mr Esther doesn’t have to carry anything and then visit my mom and then pack my bags. So, I’m off!

27 thoughts on “Life’s a rollercoaster…

  1. Esther have a lovely and serene weekend in London!! This is BTS weekend right? So happy for you that the new job is fun albeit busy. Busy can be a good thing. I’m a very easy crier so I empathize with you on the funerals and needing some liquid courage to soothe things. And of course that Mr. Esther is on the mend and recuperating nicely. Lot of hugs to you!!

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  2. Life’s a rollercoaster indeed, Esther.. . 😘 There are days you cope better and days you don’t. There’s nothing more important than health, good company and conversations, above all in grief…
    I hope you’re having a blast in London! 😘

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  3. Aw hugs and hugs!

    I remember having my gall bladder out. My surgery was at 6 AM and I was home at mom’s 7 hours later. I drove to my home (almost 6 hours away) 3 days later. Basically, so I could go into school and make up sub plans! LOL! Sometimes, I think I’m stupid. Other times, I know I am!

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  4. squirrel.0072

    Une ablation de la vésicule biliaire peut être très douloureuse. Mais ne pas l’enlever peut engendrer de gros risques: nécrose, septicémie, … Alors, je souhaite une bonne convalescence et bon courage à votre conjoint. Il reviendra vite en pleine forme, avec quelques kilogrammes superflus en moins. Paroles d’une ex opérée!

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    1. Well, the first time around it was an emergency operation and because it was all so very much infected, it was all gooey and sticky in there and while they thought they had it all, apparently they couldn’t be sure until after it all healed.

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      1. rachel

        sorry if i sounded dramatic, one of my patients was telling e how he almost died from a manky gall bladder and because its a sac -i assumed it was fairly reasonable to remove. Were they able to do it with keyhole surgeryy?

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        1. Yeah, Mr Esther’s gall bladder was really manky too and very suddenly too, he had never had any problems before. When they found out what was ailing him he immediately went into emergency surgery and they did the best they could to remove it all. At the time right after the first operation they told us that it had been really bad in there and Mr Esther had to stay in hospital for 5 days because of all the infections he had. So, yeah, it was iffy for him as well and they removed what they could at the time. Now that all was calm, they saw that a small piece was still left and removed that as well. Yep, keyhole surgery, although more like 4 of 5 keyholes for different instruments going in.

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          1. rachel

            no, sounds like he was lucky they didn’t open him up to do the op-i’ve heard thats common with manky gall bladders. I’ve been researching it al a bit recently as my GP thought i might have an issue-but thankfully nothing on the ultrasound

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  5. Liebe Esther, das ist alles ein bisschen viel auf einmal, der neue Job, auch wenn er gut ist und dann noch der private Stress 😦 Big hugs und alles Liebe für Dich! ❤
    Hoffe das Wochenende in London war schön und Du konntest eine bisschen entspannen. Und alles gute für den Göttergatten!!!


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