I’m just in time for the latest ‘Mach Was’ (‘Do Something’) challenge. The theme of the challenge this time around is “Glück”,  which translates to “luck” or “happiness”.  What to do with Glück, I thought, and then I let myself be inspired by all the joy and love in Hugh Jackman’s show. So, for me, for this challenge, I interpret Glück as what makes me most joyful in life, what I love most. You’d think when you read this blog that what makes me happy is fangirling and, while that is very true, what makes me happiest of all is without a doubt my family.

To me happiness is meeting Mr Esther and becoming a couple

Mr Esther & I, one week into our relationship

…. and marrying him on our 7.5 year anniversary

Happiness is becoming a mother after the birth of my son in the summer of 2001…

Just born3

… and our first holiday together to France when he was 2 months old…

2 months

Happiness is my daughter being born at the end of 2003…


… and the first picture of me as a mother of two when my daughter was one day young..


… and of us as a family of 4 when she was two days old…


Happiness is still loving my family and them being the most important thing in my life, even now that the kids are growing up…


Happiness is also my family I grew up with: my parents and my siblings…

… and the many memories I share with them, like a family trip I once described for another Mach Was challenge.

Last but not least, happiness is our two cats, they too are very much a part of our family. Here they are in pictures taken last week with a flower crown and a flower necklace, made by my son’s lovely girlfirend from little wildflowers growing in our garden…

It may be sappy but yes, I am lucky to have this happiness in my life and it’s nice to be reminded of that with this challenge. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Glück

  1. Esther what a beautiful family, cats and post! The happiness you feel for your family shows all the time and is a great reminder to us all just how important our families are and how they shape our lives. The fangirling is a lovely by product of your happiness
    Tears of joy here!! ❤️🤗💕👏👏

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  2. Kate

    You are indeed very lucky. I love the pictures of young!Esther and young!MrEsther and I adore that you wore a hat to your wedding.

    P.S. You must have very patient cats. Neither of mine (god rest their souls) would have patiently posed with flower crowns. #ArmitageConnection ♥️

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    1. My cats love being petted so they can sit still for stuff if you pet them. 😊

      Yeah, I really am lucky. I remember trying on veils with my dress and them doing nothing for me. Then I saw that hat and I was sold. 😊

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