My greatest gift in life…

… is my family. I was reminded of that again this morning. I received a morning cuddle from Mr Esther, a big hug from my daughter and a very loving cheek kiss from my son for my birthday today. I then drove my daughter to school  and when I got home, Mr Esther (working from home today) surprised me with these…


Purple because it’s my favourite and yellow because it’s nice and light and a good spring colour.  These little gestures just completely warm my heart.

My sister then sent me this picture of when I was about 10 years old and she was 7…


I remember those guinea pigs and I totally loved them! They were named Dennis (the red one) and Joey, after the Dennis the Menace comic book characters…

Another nice little birthday surprise was seeing these on my Instagram feed this morning, from Richard Armitage’s instagram posts here and here. I’d seen these before…

… and these were nice…

… but this one was the real gift…


Anyway, got to go tidy up a bit now. Wednesday is my day off and family is coming over for a coffee in an hour. Later!

21 thoughts on “My greatest gift in life…

  1. Happy birthday, Esther – hope you have a lovely day today, continuing as nicely as it has started. So lucky that you are working from home today. So you can eat lots of birthday cake and take all those phonecalls from your well-wishers 😉 Alles Gute!

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  2. Esther Happy Birthday!! The flowers from Mr. Esther are beautiful!! Hope you have a wonderful day. My sister and I had guinea pigs too growing up Tschaikovsky (black and white) and Beethoven (orangey) that is a lovely photo of you and your sister!
    I too love the Richard photo of him looking with his phone and my fav is him caught asleep!!

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    1. Thank you, Michele!
      I had guinea pigs for most of my childhood up until my late teens. Dennis was one of my faves ever (Joey didn’t live that long). Like the names of your guinea pigs.

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      1. Yes we just had the two and the would squeal at the topic of their lungs when our mum would pass by our room b/c she always gave them food (extra) so when they saw her they went “feed us feed us” but we had them out on the bed same way so seeing that pic above just brought back some wonderful memories of my sister and I (we always shared a room until the tail end of high school)


  3. Happy birthday! Those flowers are gorgeous — very spring-like. Cute pic of you and your sister. I agree about that last picture of Richard – a real gift! Enjoy your day!


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