A cheer-me-up post

I need some cheering up after another attack took place yesterday, this time in Utrecht which is about half an hour away from where I live. When will this killing end?!?

Anyway… so, this cheered me up yesterday (before I knew about the Utrecht attack) and still cheers me up today: Richard finding his old Guy of Gisborne leathers!

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Look what I just found in an old washing bag 😮

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(I for one would be curious to see those episode 1 North & South scribbles!).

Then, last night, to cheer myself up after I switched off the news, I finally finished a video I had started making a long time ago but had never gotten around to finishing yet. It’s a fan video for the not so known but in my eyes absolutely wonderful Danish film starring Pierce Brosnan called Love Is All You Need. The Danish original title is way better: Den Skaldede Frisør (which translates to The Bald-Headed Hairdresser). The film is full of heart without being sappy and you can see a trailer here. I made another video for this film a few years ago which can be found near the bottom of my Pierce Brosnan fan video page, along with a brief description of what the movie is about. I needed to do something with love, after all the hatred of the past few days, and this video is all about that (set to John Denver’s Annie’s Song). When I heard that John Denver song again a few months back somewhere, suddenly images of this movie flashed through my head when I listened to the lyrics. So, the video begged to be made and now I have finally finished it. Beware that, if you haven’t seen the film and you still wish to do so, this video is full of spoilers!

And last but not least today, while I was having lunch on my own for a change, eating a delicious falafel in town close to my office, I happened upon this little gem of a video. It’s a choir flash mob on an airplane, by the choir that also sang at Harry’s and Meghan’s wedding last year. I’ve seen it before but this time it gave me goosebumps.

I guess we can all use a little solidarity and a feeling of people standing by each other.

Christchurch candles tribute

It’s good to know there is also a lot of good in this world.

17 thoughts on “A cheer-me-up post

  1. Servetus

    I saw the Utrecht reports and my heart sank, too. (And the cyclone in Malawi.) Sometimes you just gotta turn off the news before it flattens you. Glad you found some distraction!

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  2. The world has gone mad… Christchurch, Utrecht… and no end in sight? It was such horrible news yesterday – Richard’s journey to the past was the fundamentally necessary ray of light on a dreadful Monday!
    As was your decision to finish your YT video! 👍 I don’t know the movie but Annie’s song matches the scenes you chose perfectly! It used to be my favourite John Denver song in a certain long gone period of my life. I still possess the double album. Nice to see it means something to you as well!
    Thanks for sharing this and the flashmob video! I liked their performance at the wedding ceremony last year and as a choral singer myself I’d so love to take part in such a flashmob!!! 😊 Maybe one day?!

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    1. Maybe you can pitch the idea to your choir? 😉
      Yeah, I always liked ‘Annie’s Song’. It was never a special favourite but it always does give me a warm feeling when I hear it.
      The movie is worth it, should you ever come across it!


  3. Utrecht made me so sad… After that NZ attack it really hit very hard.
    Sometimes I despair about this world.
    But I enjoyed that choir video very much. (Had seen it before, but it is still good the second time.)

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  4. Esther, thank you for both videos. We used to listen to John Denver songs in the late 70’s on family road trips when we lived in Frankfurt with a huge Oldsmobile car that was Batman yellow. I wonder too about those scribbled notes even if he could read his own handwriting now?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wonder if he also doodled in the script…
      I’ve never listened much to John Denver although some songs did come through and I quite liked them depite them being somewhat mushy.

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      1. Esther, is he a doodler? I wondered that myself,.

        My mum loves John Denver and my dad had all the 8 track tapes of John Denver b.c the songs were down to earth and yes mushy. My fav was Fly Away (which Olivia Newton-John sang backup) I loved the ephemeral feel of the song. Very very 70’s vibe…


          1. Servetus

            “Thank G-d I’m a Country Boy.”
            PBS has been running a documentary on him as part of their spring fundraiser. A really interesting watch if you run across it.

            Liked by 2 people

          2. Esther that’s pretty good of him!!
            I mean his talents never cease!!

            There is also his song Calypso which I just remembered. We were also huge Carpenters fans as well. My dad liked Willie Nelson pre On The Road Again
            but my mum said no in the car! She couldn’t understand Willlies twang! 😛😉

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