Soothing & dramatic Richard

Working from home right now and Mr Esther was tuned in to BBC Two. Suddenly I hear a familiar voice (other than Mr Esther’s) and it’s Richard Armitage narrating the documentary Lost Land of the Tiger!


This suddenly makes a long day much more lovely! I have now moved with laptop and all to the couch, so that I can work on my laptop (getting back to it as soon as I post this) and hear Richard’s soothing but also sometimes dramatic voice better. Good end of the work day!

10 thoughts on “Soothing & dramatic Richard

  1. Esther, his voice (The Armitage not Mr. Esther or maybe both) don’t distract you from the laptop? That is the thing with the Audible for me, his voice is very distracting that I start to daydream stuff and forget what he is narrating.
    How is the doc so far?


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