Oscars 2019

My friend came over yesterday evening to stay up all night with me to watch the Oscars, as we do together every year (and we always take the Monday off work afterwards). We watched and I needed to blog about it, which also incidentally ties in perfectly to Herba’s and Pö’s next ‘Mach Was’ challenge that was announced yesterday: do something with awards! So, here goes: with my own fake Oscar that I have owned for many years and something to nibble and drinks, we were ready to watch the Oscars show…


First the red carpet, of course, which we were able to see through Eonline on my TV. The kids have the week off school this week and were going to watch with us but gave up during the red carpet before the awards show even started (for us it starts at 2 am). There were some nice and not so nice outfits on the red carpet, my friend and I tended to not like the overfluffed dresses. There’s a whole overview HERE if you want to take a gander. My friend’s heart stopped dead for a moment when she spotted Jason Momoa on the red carpet. She has always liked him, I think now she’s in love. He did look wonderful with wife Lisa Bonet by his side…

The show itself was alright but a bit boring for most of it. Queen opening the Oscars was pretty cool, though:

… and the 3 ladies (Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) opening the show were quite fun. Maybe they should headline the Oscars show next year!

D0NssYKXcAEvwii.jpg large

Regina King quickly won Best Supporting Actress and then a load of other awards, more technical and costume and such, followed. The speeches and most of the show were a little dull, though. Lots of tears too. Anyway, my friend took a few pictures off the TV screen of some of the presenters during the evening…

We both like James McAvoy and Paul Rudd; Melissa McCarthy very much amused us in that over the top outfit she wore to present costume awards. A big highlight for us was seeing Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga perform “Shallow” together. When this moment happened (another picture taken off my TV screen), our hearts completely melted:


Here is that performance in full on YouTube, we found it mesmerizing. I know Lady Gaga has a good voice, but boy, does Bradley sound good too!

Also, I highly anticipated seeing Richard E. Grant reacting to seeing Barbra Streisand live in the flesh on stage (she was introducing Spike Lee’s BlacKKKlansman).

Richard E. Grant has been gleefully joyful about his Oscar nomination. Watching his Twitter feed in recent weeks has been an absolute delight. He has been gushing about being a Streisand fan since the age of 14 and when he finally saw her live on stage, the camera showed his ‘Wow’ and it was just endearing!


In the past two hours, as I type this, he has also chronicled meeting Streisand after the show for real:

There’s even a selfie, albeit a little blurry:

The true highlight for me came at the end, when Olivia Colman won Best Actress. I was rooting for her or Melissa McCarthy, I would also have liked to see Glenn Close win, but when Olivia won in the end, I was extremely happy!

Also, I just knew the speech would be fun…

… and how cool was it that she blew that raspberry!

D0P9xKjWwAE27dd.png large.png

I have also just watched her press room appearance after the show, and there too she is just as adorable:

It’s cute that even my fave, Richard Armitage, loved to see Olivia Colman win!

So, what do I think of the winners? I like that there was not one movie sweeping up all the Oscars. Also, I’m fine with most of the acting awards. I would have preferred a Richard E. Grant win for Supporting Actor but I also really like Mahershala Ali, so was fine with him winning. I was happy with Regina King also, only Rami Malek was a bit of a disappointment to me. I would have preferred to see Bradley Cooper win, I thought he gave a phenomenal performance in A Star is Born.

D0P8J4IVsAIErY6D0QGxuRX4AAaK0j.jpg large

Also, one day I truly want to see Amy Adams win that Oscar! After 6 nominations, it’s time. I didn’t think Vice was the one she should win it for, but it’s time. I would have given her the Oscar for Arrival. She wasn’t nominated for it that year but she should have been and would have been a much more worthy winner than Emma Stone for La La Land (such an overrated film!), in my humble opinion.

As for Green Book winning Best Picture? I quite liked the movie, but to me it wasn’t Best Picture worthy. From the list of nominees I only haven’t seen Roma and BlacKKKlansman yet, and I have a sneaking suspicion that one of those two (especially BlacKKKlansman) would have been a better choice. That or Can You Ever Forgive Me, if it had been nominated, would have been a better win for me.

So, all in all, this was not the most exciting Oscars in the books. Due to there not being any host for the evening, it all felt a little rushed. That was good (made the show seem less endless) and bad at the same time. Part of the fun of watching the Oscars is enjoying, or taking the mickey out of, the main host. Usually, my friend and I get to bed after the Oscars at around 6 am, this time we went to bed at around 5.15 am. Even if I was a little underwhelmed with the whole show, there were some little gem highlights that I think I will remember very fondly for a while (Olivia, Bradley & Gaga, and Richard & Barbra) So, even though I’m tired now, being up all night for this wasn’t a waste. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Oscars 2019

  1. Servetus

    I learned on Friday, I think, that the job of host only pays $15k. Not enough, imo, for the level of scrutiny the show gets and the potential for trouble. What I appreciated about this show was that it ended only 15 minutes late — probably because there was no host. So that was an upside for me. I also can’t remember the last time I thought a host actually added value to the whole thing.

    I also learned this time around that the voting system for Best Picture essentially chooses the film that most voters disliked least. (here’s an explanation: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/academy-awards-best-picture-instant-runoff/ ). To me, this does a lot to explain why Green Book won, because the other front runners probably also ended a fair number of times on the “least preferred” list. Some people won’t vote for a film they have to watch with subtitles; The Favourite seems to have been a “love it or hate it” option. However, I think that in ten years at the latest the Academy will regret this vote. Looked at politically, it screams “Academy voted for a film about a black experience made by nothing but white guys except for Mahershala Ali.” In that sense, either Black Panther (which was never going to win, when put up against art films) or BlackKklansman (which was kind of edgy for the current mood) would have been a better choice. I found myself mildly revolted watching the acceptance speeches — which once again never said anything about about Don Shirley.

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    1. I actually thought of you when Green Book won and how much you would dislike that win. 🙂

      Yeah, the shorter time frame was quite nice. I don’t normally need a host for the whole evening but I do enjoy a nice opening act. I remember loving Hugh Jackman’s act some 10 or so years ago…

      … and I also enjoyed Ellen’s hosting of the Oscars a few years back.


      1. Servetus

        I think if you like the host or can be amused by them it’s different but I am neutral on both Ellen D. and Jackman. Ellen revealed recently that she’s getting tired of her niceness shtick, which I found refreshing. I really can’t think of anyone that I’d necessarily love to see in that role. A lot of American comedy is just passing me by at the moment.

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  2. I like almost everything about Olivia Colman! Happy she won! Doesn’t she look stunning in that robe? Simple, no shiny neckline, unobtrusive but très chic, completely her style! And I like her hair like this, makes her look so young!
    I am impressed you managed to watch the whole ceremony and have to admit I never stayed awake for it.

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  3. Kudos to you for staying up for the whole shebang. I have never done that – and never will. I would fall asleep 😉 But yes, very deserving best actress. Mind you, I can only say that because that was the only film of the nominated films I had actually seen *hehe*.

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    1. 🙂 Go watch ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me’ with Melissa McCarthy and Richard E Grant, I promise you it’s worth it!
      As for staying up – on weekends I regularly go to bed at around 2 or so, so staying up those extra few hours is doable for me. 🙂

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      1. It’s been on my list ever since I saw the preview. Just waiting for Mr Guylty to find an evening when he is happy to go out and brave the big wide world 😆
        Staying up and watching with your best friend – sounds like a great night, anyway. Plus, it’s a tradition that the two of you are keeping up. If I had a friend like that, I’d probably stay up too 🙂

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  4. Herzlichen Dank für diesen schönen Überblick. Ich habe die Verleihung heute nur in kleinen Youtube-Ausschnitten gesehen und kann deshalb nicht viel dazu sagen. Leider komme ich in letzter Zeit entschieden zu wenig in Kino und deshalb habe ich so gut wie keinen der Filme bisher gesehen.
    Auf jeden Fall ist Olivia Colman aber eine absolut sympathische Person und ich fand ihre Reaktion einfach goldig. Der Auftritt von Lady Gaga und Bradley Cooper war sehr gelungen und die beiden sind entweder noch immer in ihren Rollen oder Bradleys Frau hat Rund zur Eifersucht.

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    1. Noch immer in den Rollen, wenn sie dieses Lied singen, so sagt Lady Gaga. Ich habe es ehrlich gesagt auch als ‘Performance’ gesehen, aber vielleicht bin ich zu naiv um zu glauben, dass sie eine Affäre auf der Bühne haben während die Partnerin vor Bradlely da sitzt.

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  5. sparkhouse1

    A few years ago one of my daughters was in New York on the subway a couple weeks before Oscar time and randomly there it was – a real Oscar! A real one – they put it on a tour or something to promote the Oscar upcoming broadcast. I think Whoopie Goldberg was there, I can’t remember. Anyhow, she has a picture of herself with her backpack on accepting her ‘Oscar’ and she was hamming it up for the picture being all fake excited on her win. It was so random.

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  6. Tolle Zusammenfassung ❤ auch wenn ich den Film von Olivia Coleman noch nicht gesehen habe, das will ich unbedingt noch! Green book habe ich letzte Woche gesehen, toller Film und Freddy auch, grandiose Performance und tolle Musik. Alle haben den Oskar wirklich verdient. Und Lady Gaga mit Bradley Coopers ist einfach ein wunderschönes Paar ❤

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