… and it was white, snow white.

There was snow in Amsterdam this morning very early (taken through the airplane window)…

… which meant wings had to be de-iced and our flight was delayed. We arrived in London and all was white here as well, like my brother’s garden…

It was all quite pretty! Alas, snow turned to rain and by the time we got into town and walked by Buckingham Palace, the snow was gone…

Nearby there was a remnant of ice on water, but that was pretty much it.

The white magic has disappeared here in London but at least the squirrels are cute!

It’s cold and wet, so time for a warm indoor break now with tea and chocolate…

… and a little time to figure out what to do this evening.

4 thoughts on “… and it was white, snow white.

  1. You are VERY close to that squirrel Esther!! That Cadbury bar looks very yummy too! It is snowing where I live and very cold. Maybe you all will run into Harry and Meghan while you are there. You can always detour to Heathrow tomorrow and catch a glimpse of Red Dragon in action!! Say hello to Guylty and Kate too!!!


  2. Servetus

    I hope it’s been a wonderful weekend, the weather suited you, and the sibling thing was fun. Lots of stuff for you to peruse when you return!


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