Been watching the BBC and the Brexit deal vote all evening. 202 Members of Parliament voted for Theresa May’s Brexit deal and 432 MP’s have voted against. What next, I wonder, with 2/3 of parliament against the deal? But I don’t want to go into politics here, rather I’d liked to focus on the speaker of the House of Commons.

I think for the first time ever I really noticed the speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow. I rarely watch any UK parliamentary debates, mostly only see highlights on the news and those don’t show the speaker so much. This evening, however, I have been watching Jeremy Corbyn’s and Theresa May’s speeches in parliament live on TV and John Bercow stood out. Watching the House of Commons is always an interesting show with all the shouting going on and I looked on in admiration how this little man, looking a bit despotic, tried to keep control of the session. I know nothing of the man or his politics but his handling of rowdy MP’s just made me laugh. Been looking on YouTube and found some good clips, like this one from last year…

or this one…

I’m sure he must sometimes seem crass or make people angry, and I wonder if he can even be seen as bullying, but goodness, parliament is LOUD and you really do need someone knowledgeable with good vocal chords calling MP’s out on their behaviour to keep control over parliament! I know I couldn’t do it…

9 thoughts on “Order!

    1. So different from our Tweede Kamer as well! My daughter gets extremely annoyed when she sees the House of Commons. “Can’t they behave like grown ups and let each other speak?” she asked and quickly left the living room…

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  1. It’s funny… but maybe almost bullying. Can you imagine how humiliating it would be to be called out like that? But he definitely keeps control. And maybe you have to be pretty thick-skinned to be in politics.

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  2. Er hat wohl sehr viel Macht habe ich heute in der zeitung gelesen, beeindruckend!
    Die Briten haben da ein ganz schönes Chaos verursacht 😦 bin gespannt wie es weiter geht…


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