New hope

Mr Esther came home from hospital this afternoon. 🙂 He still needs rest and some monitoring but he’s well enough to be at home. He has follow-up appointments at the end of next week to see whether further action is necessary but for now he’s good and he’s home. My view this evening is very pleasant (Mr E with cup of tea in hand, listening intently to my daughter and some theory she was putting forward)…


Now that he’s getting better, I am not so well, with a bad cold (but not sick enough to stay in bed). That’s OK, though, because he’s home and that’s what counts.

What is also good is that I have a job interview tomorrow. All is quiet at work right now but all is as yet still unresolved and I am waiting for the next eruption. In the meantime, I’ve been looking around for other work and applied for a job elsewhere last week. They called me today and want to meet with me tomorrow! Who knows, maybe they will be my ticket out of my current job mess? There are three of us at the heart of the current protests: one colleague’s contract will not be renewed and the other colleague is also applying and doing interviews elsewhere. Now, wouldn’t it be a coup if the three of us would at the same time be able to give them the finger? That would mean that half of our sub-department would be leaving – watch them scramble to fill that up! Anyway, a new hope is dawning, now that I am at least able to get invited for job interviews at organisations that interest me. Fingers crossed that I want them and they want me. 🙂

23 thoughts on “New hope

  1. This is both a very relieved and exciting as well as a positive perspective to start a week, Esther! Thanks for sharing and best wishes to Mr E.! I know that chair btw – funny to discover it in your living-room when its twin is right in here… 😁🤣
    I keep my fingers crossed for your interview! Much luck to you! 😘

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  2. Wie schön, dass ihr nun wieder zu Hause vereint seid. Hoffentlich bleibst du gesund genug, um morgen erfolgreich zu sein, damit du deine ungeliebte Arbeitsstelle hinter dir lassen kannst.

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    1. Ah, lief, dank je! Sollicitatie ging goed, ben wel benieuwd of ik ben wat zij zoeken. Ik zie het in ieder geval nog wel zitten. 🙂
      Ja, groot pak van m’n hart dat m’n man weer thuis! Verdere onderzoeken nog afwachten maar voor nu gaat het goed. Ik moet hem wel een beetje voor zichzelf beschermen zodat hij niet te hard van stapel loopt….


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