Here we go again

So, Mr Esther took a turn for the worse yesterday evening. Long story short: went to hospital last night because of fever and not being able to keep food down. Mini-me S insisted on coming as well (she really wants to work in a hospital one day)…

… and Mr Esther had to stay the night and will have to stay a few nights more. S went to bed at around 2.15 am, I went an hour and a half later after bringing Mr Esther some of his things and getting messages out to people (family and also colleagues on my work phone) while having a half glass of Baileys to unwind.

Mr Esther’s pancreas is inflamed, so he’s on fluids and antibiotics now. He’s thankfully not as sick as he was in October, but this still isn’t fun.

I’ve had it with all the drama this past year or so. 🤨

28 thoughts on “Here we go again

    1. Danke, Nell! Die Schmerzen sind dieses Mal nicht ganz so schlimm, zum Glück, und es geht ihm jetzt schon besser. Mal schauen wie lange er noch bleiben muss (auf jeden Fall das ganze Wochenende).

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