Aaaaand… we’re off!

Last night was the last evening Mr Esther and I spent with our kids this year, so we had a mini family New Year’s Eve celebration with the traditional “oliebollen” which are served for New Year’s here, some bubbly wine and sparklers…


Today we all set off in different directions. Mr Esther and I left at around 11.30 am for Hamburg, the kids left at around 3 pm by bus and train for my older brother’s home town. They are spending the night there so that tomorrow morning early my older brother can drive his daughter, my kids and my younger brother to the airport. Off to London they go!

After two stops we arrived at our hotel in Hamburg at around 5.45 pm. Mr Esther has been feeling a little off today and that got worse on our drive up to Hamburg. He’s feverish, so this evening we’re staying put at our hotel.


Hopefully Mr Esther can sleep it off somewhat so that he feels a little better tomorrow and we can start exploring Hamburg a bit.

I expect to not be online much tomorrow, so I’m wishing all of you a good New Year’s Eve now. Have fun celebrating, not celebrating, sleeping, whatever it is you want to do and talk to you all again in 2019! 🎇

23 thoughts on “Aaaaand… we’re off!

    1. Göttergatten 😂
      Es geht ihm immer noch nicht so gut aber mit Pillen gut genug, sodass wir trotzdem was sehen konnten.
      Auch für Dich alles Gute im neuen Jahr! Wir sehen uns ja spätestens beim Muse Konzert, jetzt schon ein 2019 Highlight, worauf ich mich schon freue. 😎

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