Arise, Sir Michael!

I have a real soft spot for Michael Palin. I went to a Hemingway book festival event here in The Netherlands once, specifically to hear him speak. One of my fave pictures I took that evening was this one:


And one of my treasured possessions is a book he autographed to me personally (a gift arranged for me a few years ago by Mr Esther). The man has lovely penmanship! I also have several of his travel diaries, all very much worth reading.

Last night I read that Michael Palin is named in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List! He is going to be a Sir and will be honoured for his “services to travel, culture and geography following his career as a writer and presenter of documentaries that have taken him all over the world”. I have yet to see his recent North Korea documentary, but it’s already on my to-watch list. I’m feeling very happy at this news!

Who could have predicted that a comedic knight in the 1970s with Monty Python…

would become a real knight one day! Arise, Sir Michael Palin and congratulations!

10 thoughts on “Arise, Sir Michael!

  1. I heard him on the radio the other day, talking about his new book โ€œErebus: The Story of a Shipโ€, about one of the ships in the doomed Franklin expedition. He apparently retraced its journeys, travelling to both the North and South Piles.

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