Pressure… don’t push me…

It’s been a busy week in Esther-world: celebrating my mother’s 83rd birthday last weekend (she’s still in good health and able to care for herself, thank goodness), dealing with family stuff at home (all is well, but still needing attention) and trying to get myself not too riled up about my micro-managing boss. I feel a conversation coming up in the near future where I make it clear to him that the pleasure I have felt working at this organisation the past year and a half has evaporated ever since he started micro-managing… During the first job interview he had with us (I was one of the people interviewing him!) he had said he was good at managing where needed and letting go where needed. I had faith in him when he said that, that faith has evaporated quickly. I guess he interprets the ‘where needed’ differently from me…

The news world has also been very busy. Trump has been a bumbling fool on the international stage again, the whole Brexit mess has kept me watching BBC news in fascination and even Richard Armitage has been tweeting nonsense (seriously, turn the other cheek to bullies? When has that ever helped? Peaceful resistance, I am all for that, but just turning the other cheek only helps bullies, not the victims). Thankfully, I did enjoy this picture of him that turned up last week or so from Audible…

Oh, and there was this picture as well from the upcoming season 3 of  Berlin Station

These are little highlights as I still wait for something great to come from the Armitage that even I can enjoy other than just nice images (nope, no audiobooks for me, Castlevania is still on hold and I’m not that keen on the upcoming Berlin Station either…). I wish I had the energy to blog about my stage in Armitage-fangirling right now, like Herba, Servetus and Nell have been doing so eloquently recently on their bogs. And I still might, when I feel more space in my brain, but suffice it to say that I too feel the drought and I too am still hoping for other great things to come from Richard.

This means that I am stuck to other fangirling right now. Lately that has been all about listening to Muse’s new album which came out last week. I like this album better than the last one, some really good songs on there! I’m really liking this one right now…

I guess the whole “Pressure … don’t push me” message feels relevant. 😉  Luckily, last Tuesday I was able to purchase tickets to their world tour that starts next year! They’ll be in The Netherlands in June. Some friends of mine are going too and I got tickets for myself and Suzy from the Silverbluelining blog as she too has become a Muse fan. This band is absolutely awesome live and I find myself already wishing for June!

10 thoughts on “Pressure… don’t push me…

  1. Esther do you plan on going to the Hannibal convention in Feb where the Red Dragon aka Richard is scheduled to appear? I’m so sorry about the working situation not any better.
    That is wonderful about your mums bday. My mum turns 90 on Thursday! Luckily mine as well is in pretty good health although w/out my dad there it would be much more stressful since she cannot live alone.
    Castlevania S2 is ok I like Trevor better in S1 but that’s probably just me.. I ended up splitting the 8 episodes into 2 days. I hope Trevor reverts back to S1 personality. BS3 seems very dark and disturbing I’ve stopped watching the trailers some of the scenes are too upsetting. His tweet really upset me on Tuesday. Still is lingering today on Sunday. I feel he’s a bit clueless these days and maybe bored so maybe he just tweets and let’s the chips fall where they may not really realizing what he’s saying vs what he really meant. I dunno 🤷‍♀️
    Hope things look up at work. Hang in there!!! 😘

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    1. While I would love to see Richard in the flesh again, I have no interest whatsoever in spending my money on a Hannibal convention. I saw Richard’s Hannibal episodes and I did think he did an excellent job as the red dragon, but I do not love the show, I can not fangirl over a serial killer at all. So, spending money on a flight and £120 – £165 on tickets to a show I don’t that much enjoy is not worth it to me. It’s not that I have that much spare cash and I can’t justify spending the money when I don’t absolutely love what it is I am going to see. I went to Newcastle not only because of the Urban screening (which I was very curious to see) but also for the Q&A session and as it was a small scale event, it was more than worth the money I had to spend on flight and hotel as well. Now, if Richard were doing theatre in London, that would be another matter, I could totally justify that (and if I go to London, I never have to book a hotel, I can always stay with my brother who lives there). But Hannibal stuff just isn’t worth it to me. I am looking forward to any pictures and news about Richard coming from there, I hope other fans will want to (and are able to) go.
      As for Richard’s tweet – that turn the other cheek thing isn’t new, he’s been preaching that stuff for a long time now, so it doesn’t surprise me. He just never seems to evolve from that, which maybe shows some stubborness. Or he doesn’t take the time to really think through what he’s saying. Or he really does believe that is the best course of action. I don’t know, we never hear him discuss this point of view in more depth…
      Thanks for the work sympathy. Today I’m letting it go, so to speak. We’ll see about tomorrow. 😉
      Good to hear your mom is still going strong at 90!

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      1. Yeah I hope it was ok to ask you about the Hannibal fannibal event. I too wish that he would do a play next year maybe in late summer so yes time to prepare financially and make an itinerary for other stuff in London. So um keeping my fingers crossed. I loved your post on NFF (I feel like I’ll never see Urban! 🤦‍♀️🙄) I hope your upcoming week is on the up swing 👍😘


  2. Servetus

    I’m obviously not familiar with the details of the situation but you might consider asking MMM (Mr. Micro-Manager) if there’s something in your work that he feels needs improvement or if there’s some specific reason for the increased supervision that you can reassure him about.

    I totally understand finally getting some emotional space and then not wanting to fill it with writing. I always remind myself things will change some day. Or i hope so anyway. Hang in there!


    1. MMM – good name! 🙂 He’s doing this because he’s new and wants to grasp every detail. That is fine, I will explain everything to him in as many meetings as he wants to! But in everything I can tell he is used to overseeing details instead of managing output and outcome of professionals who are used to working independently. I am sure I am not more productive in the office (where he wants us to be constantly) than at home. In fact, I would argue that I am often more productive when actually working from home! One of the things I loved is that I could decide for myself when to come in to work and when to work from home, which meant that I usually worked from home one day a week. I hate hate hate that he wants to take that away from me. Also, on occasion, I would leave work at 3 pm to avoid rush hour and then continue work from home for another two hours or so. That too is being questioned. There is no absolute need to be in the office constantly, why be so old-fashioned about that and clasp to that so desperately when the policy before was to leave us some freedom? I know at least two other people feel the same way. We’ll see where this goes…

      Yup on the emotional space.

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  3. Happy birthday, verspätet to your mother 🙂
    Der MMM hört sich nervend an, Ich drücke die Daumen, dass er Dir Deine Freiheiten lässt. Meist ist so ein rechthaberisches Verhalten das ein Zeichen von mangelndem Selbstbewusstsein, das wird Dir aber grad auch nicht helfen, er sollte sich eigentlich auf seine Leute verlassen, dass Ihr genau wisst wie und wo Ihr effektiv arbeitet 🙂
    Ich höre das neue Album auch rauf und runter, sehr 80er retro, but I like it….
    Ich bin soooo froh, dass Du mir eine Karte organisiert hast ❤
    Mein Lieblingsstück ist zur Zeit:

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