Amanda Jane

Just finished a few hours of work (from home – take that, micromanager!) and before I head off for my afternoon off, I wanted to do a quick little blog post.

We had to have some electrical work and rewiring done in our house today (I hate to have to spend money on that, but needs must if you don’t want your house to burn down). To get to the wires, we needed to move a small cupboard in our bedroom and on one of the top shelves stood a little doll on a little chair that I have had since I was a child. I think it’s the only childhood toy I still have! I have always been OK with doing away with toys but Amanda Jane I just never was able to part with. I haven’t looked at her properly for, I think, years and while looking at her now, I find I still love her. 🙂

She’s been sitting next to my cup of tea today while I worked…

Amanda Jane 02

Here’s a close-up…

Amanda Jane 01

Cute, right? I know that her name is Amanda Jane, because that’s what is says on her back…

Amanda Jane 04

It’s not until many years later, that I realized that was a brand name. I liked playing with dolls, especially baby dolls and a few barbies, but Amanda Jane was my favourite. I loved her brown eyes and her cute face and her hair. I lost all her original clothes. The little dress she wears here is a Dutch folklore dress that used to be on one of those folklore dolls. Threw the doll out at the time and cut the dress down to size to fit Amanda Jane. I used to play with her hair a lot, comb it, try to style it, wash it. I think I even cut it at some point. Over time her hair became so rigid that the only way it would look OK was if I put small braids in and tied it up with a piece of wool…

Amanda Jane 03

She’s been sitting on her chair overlooking some part of my bedrooms ever since… I think I may try and hunt for some proper clothes for her to wear, or at the very least get her some undergarments to guard against the winter chill coming up. It’s been fun spending time with her again. 🙂

17 thoughts on “Amanda Jane

  1. That is a wonderful Post today and as a fellow doll and big time Barbie doll lover I fully support more clothing and undergarments for her as Winter is Coming. My sis and I used to cut and wash our dolls and Barbie dolls hair on Beauty shop day. My sis could always become a beauty aesthetician if she ever gave up teaching. She loves make-up and shampoos, and styling aides.
    Very sweet to share Amanda Jane and I love the mug next to her!!

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    1. I didn’t groom much (except for Amanda Jane), I was more of a dress up girl and I’d play out stories (with the barbies).
      That mug I bought in a cute cat shop in York in the summer of last year. My fave mug these days. 😊

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  2. Kate

    She’s so lovely. What a sweet memory. I still have some of my dolls from when I was little. Alas, no Barbies survived. My mom hated them and being older now, I must say I agree. Their bodies are awful. I was just looking for an alternative as I needed a birthday gift and found Lottie dolls. They’re designed in Ireland, have realistic bodies (they represent children around age 9) and come with all the crazy clothes and horses. Girls need their horses (well, I did). They also make dolls with 👓 and diffabled dolls. They were a big hit.


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