Richard Armitage therapy

The new second series of Castlevania has started on Netflix…

… but as much as I love Richard and Richard’s voice (and his world-weary humour in voicing Trevor Belmont), right now is not the time for me to watch this. I feel a little… I guess I could call it unbalanced at the moment. Nothing I can’t deal with, I just need a little time to settle myself again. There’s some unsettling family stuff right now and I think I’m going through some beginning stages of menopausal stuff and every time I turn on the news and I hear something from the US, it depresses the shit out of me, the latest being this ridiculous caravan fear-mongering thing. Trevor Noah expresses it much better than I can in this video.  Anyway, suffice it to say, my mood really isn’t the best of late. So, yeah, watching a possibly good but bloody and dark vampire series is not something I can mentally handle right now. I will in time, itching to hear Richard in this, but not right now.

Speaking of hearing Richard – there are so many audiobooks he’s doing now, I can’t and won’t even try to keep track. I think I am (by now famously) known for really not enjoying any audiobooks, from Richard or anyone else. Still love that he does them but they’re not for me. So, yeah, I’ll be skipping all these too. What I do love are the images that have popped up surrounding the audio books releases. This one yesterday was very nice…

RA HarperCollins tweet 2018-11-01

… but this one from a few days earlier, with Richard holding a Philippa Gregory book he narrated, is one I just love! This image prompted a fun series of white t-shirt shots from Nellindreams over on her blog, by the way.

RA HarperCollins tweet 2018-10-29It’s a pretty staged photo but I love how relaxed Richard looks with a book in his hands and the friendly look he gives us through the camera lense. He looks like he was caught reading and now seems to be inviting us in to join him. I like that.

Then, for Halloween, Richard shared this selfie of himself…

RA selfie 2018-10-31It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a fun Armitage selfie. ✅ Approved!

And today I saw this image (tweeted yesterday by the man himself)…

RA selfie 2018-11-02

… and I think this may be one of my fave Richard Armitage selfies ever! He is recording Castlevania season 3 now and is apparently very excited about the guitars in the recording studio. The glee in his face and eyes makes me think: someone give him a good, fun rock musical to do!

Where audiowork by Richard can’t really cheer me up right now, these images most definitely can, which is why I just had to capture them all together in one blog post here. Oh, alright, and these also cheer me up…

Richard Armitage smile and laughter therapy is always good. It’s part of the getting me settled again process. 🙂

41 thoughts on “Richard Armitage therapy

  1. Sending you a big hug! Fingers crossed that things are getting better soon in your family! 😘

    I haven’t watched Castlevania either up to now – after having a first glimpse I decided to skip it for now as I’m not in that bloody vampire mood either right now. It won’t disappear that fast from Netflix or whatsoever.
    The fact that he posted 2 selfies in a row surprised me immensely – but nothing against a nice surprise though. Nice to see he seems to enjoy his work!
    And thanks for linking to my post!
    Have a lovely weekend!

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    1. Thank you, Nell! Things really will get better, are getting better, just had a little setback that may in the end be beneficial to change. Castlevania will indeed wait…
      Your post totally cheered me up, so I just had to share that. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Zee (aren’t you up extremely early while commenting here?)!
      The menopausal stuff was quite bad before and during the weekend, things have been getting better as the week progressed. For now I think I’m over the worst. I’ll keep track, though, and will look into the hormonal stuff you mentioned. I’ve never heard of Black Cohosh before.

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      1. hehehe – it was around 7 AM for me. On school days, I get up between 6 and 6;30.

        You’ll find Black Cohosh in the vitamin section (I hope) of where ever you buy vitamins.I remember I took hormonal replacements as well, like Estrovan, but I can’t remember what else I took…. I’m taking double loads of garlic right now for my high cholesterol, and that stuff makes you sweat!!!

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  2. Kate

    Sending big hugs your way for your mood and an extra big one of gratitude. That post was exactly what I needed today.

    I haven’t tackled Castlevania S2 either. I’ve so little time right now, it’s not at the top of my list, but I’m glad he’s enjoying himself. Ironically, my dearest husband (who is not a big fan of my fangirling) binged it the day it came out. Talk about a topsy-turvy world.

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  3. Servetus

    I really want to see Castlevania but I just have not had a segment of time appear where I am simultaneously free, awake, and calm enough to concentrate on it. It seems like there’s something every day lately — today it’s the refrigerator, which is making a strange noise. It’s 20 years old, so I am hoping it’s something that can be fixed easily.

    I hear you on the menopausal thing. I’m starting on that path too and it is the worst possible time. The stroke seems to have killed dad’s temperature perception — for him, the house needs to be 75 F or he’s shivering — just as I feel like an unpredictable furnace ready to explode half the time. This week he was wearing three layers while I was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt. It’s going to be an interesting winter.

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    1. Hot flashes here are intermittent. Had them a week ago for a few days and then no more. They suck…

      Yeah, you’d want a big chunk of time to binge Castlevania. Hope things settle down a little for you soon for you to do so.


  4. Sigh. Unfortunately I know *exactly* what you are talking about. I feel as if this is the most difficult age I have ever been at. Puberty was nothing against this… And while I do get depressed and anxious because of the news that surround us, I don’t really mind Castlevania. Watched the first couple of episodes last weekend. But yeah – I don’t get a sense of urgency, to feel that I *must* finish it, either… My feelings are like my mind – mixed up, mainly. The one thing that always hits the spot, is the nice pictures. And the last couple of days have been great in terms of them. Thanks for putting them together here. And I hope you’ll feel better, soon!

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    1. It’s not just the news but the pile up of everything and the physical stuff adds to it as well (hot flashes, very cumbersome period, mood swings). But it’s already getting better, so that’s good. 🙂 Also, Castlevania isn’t something I’d care to watch normally, so that’s an extra ‘obstacle’ of sorts.
      Maybe I should start a menopause blog, it seems to strike a note… I think, however, that I prefer to stick with (menopausal) Richard-therapy. 😉


      1. I’ve been thinking about a menopause blog, too 🤪. But well, OTOH I don’t really want to dwell on it. It’s bad enough as it is – I’d rather just forget it and get on with it.
        Anyway, Richard therapy is always good and certainly distracts from almost anything…

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    1. Yeah, audiobook ovedose, I’m now awaiting an RA film & TV overdose…
      Yes, I have read about Colin’s new film and have seen a trailer. The film isn’t out here yet, but should be coming soon. Won’t be the most cheerful film but yes, I want to see this one too! 🙂


  5. Hi! Hope you feel better. To be honest I liked Trevor S1 just a delight. I only watched S2 out of curiosity and to hear the drawl and sarcastic snarky in Richard’s voice as Trevor. Um well you’ll see. I’m not On the Audio bandwagon either so I feel better that I’m in esteemed company w you on that. I like watching Handsome Stranger and NS when I need my Richard fix now. Both are romantic and give me hope and positive vibes at least for awhile. I hope your family sit resolves itself. Sending positive thoughts across the Atlantic! 😘👏💗

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    1. Thank you, Michele.
      I actually enjoyed Trevor season 1 more than I ever expected to! I just can’t do the whole vampire fighting visual thing right now. In a little while I will be sure to do so, though.
      Yep, Handsome Stranger and N&S are my go-to happy distRActions as well! 🙂

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      1. I don’t even like animation stuff so vampires and bloody gore is not my usual ticket. I watch more animation now babysitting my 8 year old nieces although I admit they tell me what is going to happen and I’m on the IPad most of the movie. I’m happy if he’s pursuing other mediums like animation but I’m sad that is this it for now? As talented and good looking as he is is this it?

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  6. Thanks for pulling all these Richard-medicated photos together. At least audiobooks give us some nice things to look at! I like audiobooks now, but it’s even too much for me! I can’t keep up and I’ve been listening to some other narrators too, which means I can’t be exclusively listening to him.

    I hope that your life will settle down a bit and that your mood will bounce back. As for menopause, I’ve been through the other side for a long time now. I think my symptoms weren’t too bad (although my husband might disagree). What I wish someone had told me was how different my skin and my body would be after the change in hormones. Had I really realized, I might have taken something to postpone the inevitable, even though my doctor would have been against it. Also, I would have tried to exercise and lose weight before my skin lost elasticity. Not to be a downer, but just some food for thought.

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    1. Sue I appreciate those thoughts as well I’m hanging on to my monthly cycle appearance as long as I can but the weight gain is something I’ve really struggled with and I am working out somewhat. When you say loss of skin elasticity what do you mean? More wrinkles or puffiness or??


      1. I find that my skin sags more. So if I lose weight for example (which I should), my skin may not go back to its original position i.e. where it would have been had I not gained weight. That’s probably true at any age, but more so when you’re older and your skin doesn’t bounce back. I also find my skin is more papery or crepy. I suppose I shouldn’t complain as I have very little grey hair. But I am finding it hard to embrace the changes.

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        1. Yeah I really dislike the grey hair. I have strands in my temples which look superb on Richard but me they totally freak me out. I colored my natural mousy brown hair lighter like honey brown/blonde so when the roots start to show the grey strands spring forth! My sis and I both have a lot of baby fat in our cheeks like Carrie Fisher had. It’s good on the one hand b/c we look younger than our age but I always longed for the high cheekbones. Oh well.,,

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    2. Thanks. I had heard that before about the elasticity of the skin, etc. Seems this month is worse than ever, never had so many hot flashes as now before, It’s been ‘quiet’ for almost a week and then last night and today hot flashes were back (and mood not so great…). Ugh. And this can take some years? Ugh! Oh well, prefer not to dwell on this… better get myself a little distRActed. 😉
      I wish I enjoyed audiobooks, because the lovely voice in my ears would be very nice in many ways…

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      1. I just find that the doctors I talk to (male mainly) don’t take any of it seriously and just see changes as a minor inconvenience. Anyway, hope it goes fairly fast and not too difficult for you.

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        1. Haven’t talked to a dr about this yet myself. I do have a female dr but she’s younger so not sure how she’d be about all this. Hot flash free for the past 24 hours or so, yay! Let’s hope they stay away. I don’t want to go see a dr over this or anything else.

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  7. Big hugs, RA ist immer eine gute Therapie 🙂
    Manchmal kommen so depressive Phasen und die Aufregung mit Deinem Mann hat bestimmt einen Teil dazu getan. Fühl Dich ganz lieb gedrückt, kannst Du Dir mal eine Auszeit nehmen? 1 oder 2 Tage vom Büro? Zum resetten?
    ❤ Alles Liebe!!

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    1. Ja, Aufregung mit meinem Mann und letztens wieder mit meiner Tochter. Alles läuft jetzt wieder OK, aber der ganze Druck macht einem doch fix und fertig und dan auch noch diese Wechseljahre Sachen dazu… Habe indertat Freitag Mittag frei genomnen und náchste Woch mache ich das wieder. 🙂

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      1. Gut so! Einfach ein oder 2 Tage um runter zu kommen. Ist alles ein bisschen viel bei Euch, aber jetzt geht es doch hoffentlich wieder bergauf und etwas ruhiger ❤
        Durch die Wechseljahre Hitzewallungen bin ich glaube durch, das ist schon sehr unangenehm, geht aber wieder vorbei…

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